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A New Player For Joe's Fantasy Football Team!, (We're kidding! This is

Matt Ziesel, a freshman on the  St. Joseph Benton High School football team, has Down’s Syndrome, and so hasn’t played an any of the actual games, never mind scored a touchdown… until now. St. Joseph Benton coach Dan McCamy ’s team had the ball but were losing 46-0 when he approached opponent Maryville High School’s defensive coach  David McEnaney, asking Maryville to let Matt Zeisel, a 5′3″, 110-lb running back, score a touchdown.  Demonstrating great sportsmanship, Maryville agreed, and the moment is captured here in all its viral-video glory: Matt Zeisel’s touchdown run.


09/22/2009 10:35AM
A New Player For Joe's Fantasy Football Team!, (We're kidding! This is a cool moment for t
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09/22/2009 12:21PM
Camel Spider
I went to high school at Benton and think it’s AWESOME that Matt got to play and score a TD, regardless if it was staged or not. The Ziesel name carries a lot of tradition at the school so now Matt can say he scored like his other family members have for the team in the past. It wasn’t even an (important) varsity game and nothing was lost, only gained. This is not a “pussification” of America story like a caller said earlier today so the haters need to shut the hell up. Here’s another cool story that I really enjoyed from that high school if you’re interested in a story of hard work
09/22/2009 12:55PM
Thanks for posting this! Our 4 year old with Down syndrome is a big football fan, too!
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