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Android Sex Doll

A German company is now manufacturing Android sex dolls that come equipped with a "heavy breathing" feature, a g-spot and -- most importantly -- a pulse. The doll, named Andy, is referred to as a "synthetic human" by its manufacturer, First Androids, and retails for about $3,800. $3,800 for unlimited sex with a partner with a pulse ... This might be the deal of a lifetime. android-sex-doll-091709-m


09/21/2009 7:48AM
Android Sex Doll
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09/21/2009 8:07AM
I would not be surprised if a few chicks actually get interested this. HAH
09/21/2009 8:02AM
Amazing that such things are out there. But the more amazing thing is that there are people out there that are actually going to buy that damn thing. Geeze.
09/29/2009 4:21PM
hey looks like shakira...
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