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According to data put together by the magazine Advertising Age, your choice of beer says a lot about you. Here's what they found: Budweiser -- Bud drinkers are sensible, grounded and practical. They also don't like authority and are 42 percent more likely to drive a truck than the average person. Bud Light -- Very different from regular Bud drinkers, people who buy Bud Light are careless, with frat boy personalities, and are 48 percent more likely than the average person to play the lottery every day. Michelob Ultra -- Michelob Ultra drinkers think highly of themselves and can be conceited. They care what other people think about them and want to appear perfect. Blue Moon -- They are socially liberal, hate moral authorities and can also be sarcastic and snide in order to get a point across. They are also 105 percent more likely than the average person to drive hybrid cars. Corona and Corona Light drinkers are busy and energetic people who are also extremely extroverted. They’re people persons who seek out the company of others whether in a group or just one-to-one. I though Corona drinkers sought out the company of a beach and a sunset. Maybe I’ve been watching too many beer commercials. Heineken There’s a slang term that could sum up Heineken drinkers: posers. These self-assured people believe they are exceptional, get low scores on modesty and high scores on self-esteem. They love their brand badges-a role the distinctive green glass bottle may play-and in fact, this group is attracted to luxury products in general. They are also energetic and dynamic and enjoy being both the center of attention and in the middle of the action. Of course, you know the old expression — a Natty Light drinker is just a Heineken drinker who’s been laid off. Craft Beers This group is more likely to spend time thinking about beer rather than work. They are more open-minded than most people, seek out interesting and varied experiences and are intellectually curious. Craft-beer drinkers also skew as having a lower sense of responsibility-they don’t stress about missed deadlines and tend to be happy-go-lucky about life. ABSTAINERS It probably doesn't take a psychographic profile to discover that those people who refuse to drink beer at all don't like to loosen up very much. They are socially conservative and see many issues as black and white. Teetotalers honor tradition and authority and prefer a less-hectic social life. People who turn down beer are 50% more likely to call themselves Republican, and are 30% more likely to never buy organic products.


11/04/2009 9:33AM
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