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BMW is BWM (Badass War Machine)

It's not without reason that BMWs are among the top choices for high-security personnel transport. BMW Security vehicles – armor-reinforced versions of the standard roadcars we see on the road every day – are known to be both secure and responsive to quick, often life-saving maneuvers. But what good would these vehicles be if their drivers didn't know how to handle them properly? That's why BMW has a security vehicle training facility in East Germany. Built on the grounds of what was once the largest Cold War air base in Europe, the center is run by advanced driving instructor Klaus Heimerl, who shows chauffeurs and security personnel how to evade any number of potentially threatening situations, from ambushes to roadside bombs. Of course, BMW isn't the only automaker offering armor-reinforced versions of its vehicles. Nor is it the only company offering this kind of evasive – and potentially life-saving – driving instruction. And while this level of protection might not factor into the daily driving routines of most drivers in the United States, for many drivers in many countries, it could make all the difference between life and death in scenarios that arise on a near-daily basis. Continue reading...
Although much of the world's wealth is concentrated in relatively civilized countries where the rule of law is present and enforced, there's certainly enough going around in developing countries where criminal elements operate in the open and kidnapping is a regular occurrence. For the wealthy private individuals who are potential targets for such abduction and armed robbery operations, having the right equipment and people with the right skills to evade potential assailants is an absolute necessity.


02/01/2011 11:00AM
BMW is BWM (Badass War Machine)
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