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Baby Does Belong In The Corner

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Kathleen Quinlin


09/22/2010 12:18PM
Baby Does Belong In The Corner
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09/23/2010 12:31PM
I think she was cute before...not super hot, but the girl-next-door cute and most importantly real. She doesn't look terrible now or anything, I just think that when the body is allowed to do what it naturally does it will age better than plastic parts. As far as what was being discussed ealier on air, I would never considering any facial surgery but as a woman's point of view I would consider breast implants. This is why: I've been blessed/cursed with small breasts for my body (Bcup). I stand slim 5'10" and 140lbs, and according to designers it's apparently "normal" for women of my height to have at least full C cups. That makes it difficult to find dresses and shirts that fit my length of arm, waist, and legs without having empty clothing material on my chest. I'm lucky that my significant other loves me as I am, though he certainly wouldn't mind larger breasts either. I would love to fill out a dress nicely all the way around, however my children and the mortgage are far more important to me. So unless we were more than comfortable monetarily the new plump playtoys will have to wait. ;)
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