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Baseball Beatdown...(explicit content)


04/11/2011 8:34AM
Baseball Beatdown...(explicit content)
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04/11/2011 11:36AM
wow, all I can say is those guys (the security) need to be arrested and put in jail. complete over use of force. amazing.
04/11/2011 11:57AM
What caused all this?
04/11/2011 7:23PM
Marcus Perry
he isnt a superhuman, and being drunk didnt do anything to help him resist the taser....the taser works with 2 barbs that must enter a person's skin within a certain distance on the body. if one barb doesnt make contact or they are too far apart, the person will not be affected. looking at the video, it looks like at least one barb is attached to his sleeve meaning the electrical circuit wasnt being coursed thru him....hope that helps
04/11/2011 7:19PM
USA! USA! USA! what a man.
04/12/2011 8:39AM
So is that billy club rubber? the guy smacked him in the side of the head and the guy didn't even blink.... but yea I think a tackle would have worked better......
04/13/2011 6:06PM
Im so mad at the security's complete abuse of power! However I am so happy to see this was recorded and only hope those pussies are up on charges for assault or something! A tackle, a wrist twist up, an attempt to control the situation without force was never even thought of.
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