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Big Whoop!

  A new video on YouTube is causing an uproar, as critics question why Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at the New Orleans airport gave an intense pat-down to a 6-year-old girl.  The video shows a female TSA agent explaining the security procedure to the child's mother and then having the 6-year-old girl spread her arms and legs for the pat-down, which includes "sensitive areas," in the words of the agent. The child complains and the mom asks if re-scanning might be an option. The TSA agent replies, "no." The agent does try to calm the girl, telling her she has "pretty hair," and appears to conduct the pat-down in a gentle manner. The incident occurred at Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans last week. The family in the video is from Kentucky, and the mom, Selena Drexel, tells ABC's "Good Morning America" that they were returning from a vacation when their daughter, Anna, underwent the pat-down. Anna's father, Todd Drexel, says his daughter started to cry afterward.


04/13/2011 10:05AM
Big Whoop!
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04/13/2011 10:28AM
Loyal Listener
The TSA woman is just doing her job, and is being very cautious telling the mom to come stand over here so you can watch. This is very disturbing because Americans don't pack bombs/guns on their child when traveling. This just teaches American children that they must listen to the government before they listen to their parents. Also very disturbing is that TSA does not change their rubber gloves for every passenger. They wear the gloves to protect themselves. They pat down one person who could have poppy pants or herpes and then spread it to the next person. IF YOU EVER HAVE A PAT DOWN MAKE TSA CHANGE THEIR GLOVES BEFORE TOUCHING YOU.
04/13/2011 5:39PM
I agree and yet I do not agree: 1. There must have been probable cause for the security officer to believe that paraphanalia or something was on the little girl and the search was done in the correct and proper fashion. Yet at the same time: come on its a 6 year old crying girln in spandex! The better question is how was the footage of this incident taken? Isnt it illegal to video record security in an airport?!
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