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Birthers Everywhere Feel Like Dying!


04/27/2011 9:01AM
Birthers Everywhere Feel Like Dying!
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04/28/2011 10:47AM
Rob Monroe
wow. i wish i could get people to actually listen to that until the end.
04/28/2011 10:52AM
Rob Monroe
guys. wish i could talk to you about this one. even though it's kind of a stupid point and should've been dropped a long time ago, whatever it's still funny. sorry i didn't catch what u guys were saying about it, only the last ten or so seconds, so i had to just watch the video for myself... i'm from philadelphia, and i have friends back there on both sides of the obama fence.. a few that swear he is the worst thing that we could have done, and those that think the opposite. as for myself, i still like obama and believe for the motst part he has done what he could, and if/when given the chance, we will see more progress. yes he is a bit unorthodox but i believe that is partially what we need right now. i am 33 years old and have a lot of contact with people 22-50... and i can tell you that a lot of people are of the same mind as i. gotta go pizza burnin in the oven. i'll listen!
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