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There are two ways to do this. You can soak corn (about 15 min) before preparing or not soak corn. I believe the kernels stay fresher and more crisp not soaking, and the ear is protected by husk and silk - corn is usually pretty clean. Ears of corn... (4-6) Carefully peel back husks to stalk/stem without tearing, remove all silk. In large bowl; place one cube (rectangle) of unsalted sweetened butter. 2 finely minced large garlic gloves. Heavy pepper. Nice dusting of salt and paprika. Place in micro for about two minutes. Remove, stir, and micro for additional minute (depending on micro). You want melted and thick, not watery. With glove, spoon, or brush; slather on butter mix. Try to keep outer husks out of the way and butter free. This isn't fun but waaay tasty. Slide husks back over corn, using one top strand to tie. Place ears OFF fire for 45-65 minutes depending on temp. If you need to cook over a flame, use squirt (water) bottle to mist keeping husks damp. Rotate and mist 3 times per hour. You DO NOT want husk to flame, smolder, or burn. (If you're a cornhole - you can cheat): Strip and clean all ears. In large rolling-boil pot of water, boil for 8 minutes... Place ears on grill (off fire if possible) and baste with same butter mix for additional 2-4 minutes. Heavy basting until you get nice light grill marks! As always; best served with lots of cold beer, and dancing nude women that resemble Kim K! Eat, drink, burp, fart, repeat. Enjoy! Happy Memorial Day


05/26/2011 10:55AM
CoRn On The Q:
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