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Corvette Bitch Slapped


11/12/2010 10:20AM
Corvette Bitch Slapped
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11/17/2010 11:43AM
LoL. Dude I have owned both Mustangs & Corvettes and I can tell you the Vette smokes the Mustangs anyday of the week. it takes 150 grand to make a Mustang beat a stock vette. I have owned a 98 Cobra, a 2002 SVT, and the 08 GT. I also own a 68 California Special Mustang. I have owned 5 Vettes. My current one a 2002 C5 smokes all my stangs i have had on the track in the Quarter mile and on the Salt flats runs in utah which i do once a year. Now if Mustang has to blow that much dough to beat a vette then a put it up against en equaly hopped up vette like the Twin Turbo Callaway Corvette pimping 900 Hp and 725 Hp and the rear axle. With a top speed of 221mph im sure your gay stang would scratch a pimple on its ass. My vettes top speed is 178mph. and that is stock. imagine if i put the stage 3 chip in it, modified the exhaust, ported the fuel injection and installed a massive air charger in would then be a 8 year old 20 thousand dollar vette with 100k miles that smokes that brand new piece of shit mustang...Damnit! now I got diareah.
11/12/2010 3:39PM
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