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03/23/2011 11:32AM
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03/23/2011 2:33PM
Bren Sobol
Are you kidding me? Men use pull up bars...weight lift, etc. so women swinging around on a pole is sacreligious? You have got to ask... how does he know what the poles are used for in other businesses unless he himself has witnessed their use in illicit and voyeristic fashion? (talking about the bible thumping door knocker_) might I remind him this is America, and we are free to express ourselves according to the constitution. I might add...these women are sporting therefore they must not be traditional christian women. most of them that I know think that getting a tattoo is marking your temple with the devils art. I am proud to say. I am christian, and have a tattoo. a fairly large one. that said...pole dancing looks like it takes a bit of fitness to accomplish. upper body pull off. watch any you tube video of rope swing gone wrong that features an older female and watch what happens to her. ya, it takes upper body strength to do that too. so vertical or horizontal poles, and any type of interaction with it is excercise. dancing makes it fun. their husbands are loving it. Who is it hurting? God gave them their bodies. expects them to take care of it. Go Girls. plus, it will probably have their husbands waiting on the couch for them to get back after class, and we know what momma got for valentines was not just chocolates. lol
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