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Fastest Females - All Hotter Than Danica Makes Me-Sick

Angelle Sampey - NHRA Pro Stock Bike and More Race Wins Than Cha-Cha. 3 NHRA Championships!!!
Ashley Force - NHRA Funny Car, Daughter of DUH!

Milka Dunno - Indy 500, IRL / IndyCar, NASCAR, anyone who will hire her. Should be doing porn with Ashley and Angelle all together at once.

Erin Crocker - World of Outlaws

Leilani Munter - Indy Lights / NASCAR

Melanie Troxel - Top Fuel - Melanie Troxel is the quickest and fastest female driver in NHRA history, clocking a 4.458-second pass and top speed of 330.31 MPH! Married to Funny Car driver Tommy Johnson Jr.

Sarah Fisher - IRL / IndyCar Youngest Female Indy 500 and will never win $*#t
Shirley "Cha-Cha" Muldowney - NHRA Top Fuel Champion '77, '80, ('81, AHRA), and '82

Danica Bitch-Troll-Mud Duck-Road Goat-Skank-Scab-Eddie Munster-Feman-Body of a Boy-No Ass-Malnourished Elvira-Hideous Witch-1win out of 50-Never Gonna Win Indy-Stab my Eyes With Hot Rusty Spoons-Patrick - IRL/Indy Car
I've Puked 3 Times. Now it's Your Turn!


03/09/2010 12:04PM
Fastest Females - All Hotter Than Danica Makes Me-Sick
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