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Gay Californians Can Marry!

HERE'S A LIST OF WHAT THEY CAN'T DO! (MEN ONLY) - No hugging - No kissing - No skipping - No fishnet shirts - No bare midriff - No dressing room sharing - No food sharing at restaurants - No booth sharing at restaurants - Must have all hands and legs above the table and in sight at all times and keep shoes on in reatuarant. - No leg shaving (gay or not unless your last name is Armstrong. Some feel it may add to confusion?) - No sitting close in trucks. - No arm on husband's seat when driving - No pink sandals or shirts tied in knots - No Cowboy hats - No motorcycle riding - No matching shirts or clothes - No piggyback rides - No public arguing or bickering - No tattoos with husband's name - No cigarette lighting for one another - No door opening (car or home) - No hands up shirts or down pants - No jacket taking off or putting on for husband - No "knuckles" MUST high-5! (straight guys get knuckles - no exceptions) - No chicken fighting in pools (cock fighting in public punishible by death) - No bachelor parties - No body shots - No shots named after sex acts - No looking back to ogle or gawk at other guys when your husband ISN'T present - No public singing (especially duets in karaoke bars) - No lotioning each other at beaches or pools - Must own small dogs ONLY - Must have limo-tinted car windows - No truck driver flashing - Must have curtains, drapes, sheets, aluminum foil, or blinds CLOSED at ALL times on shared dwelling - Don't act gay!


03/09/2010 12:01PM
Gay Californians Can Marry!
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