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Gold, Silver, Bronze, and WOOD!


12/06/2011 2:45PM
Gold, Silver, Bronze, and WOOD!
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12/06/2011 4:41PM
Holy s***!
Being perfectly straight female all I can say is omg!! She is mind blowing and completely intriguing! If throwing a weight qualifies as an Olympic sport there is no reason this shouldn't be! Incredible grace and strength. Nothing like I've ever seen at the strip club that's for sure
12/09/2011 5:53PM
Gold silver bronze wood
Omg spectacular body strength
12/11/2011 3:21PM
I heard you talking about this a week or two ago. I am just now getting around to checking it out. "Mind Blowing" The strength and precision her moves. What an accomplishment.
01/05/2012 10:11PM
She scares a good way!
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