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Here's My Baby!!

I have been dreaming about this bike every day since I learned the name Harley Davidson.  It took me 34 yrs to get it man, just goes to show you that persistence pays off.  No matter what Dog says, I worked very hard for a long time to get this baby. dsc04755 dsc04758 dsc04754 dsc04756 dsc04757


10/16/2010 10:46AM
Here's My Baby!!
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06/16/2009 11:14AM
WOW Joe wicked ride.
06/16/2009 6:09PM
matty the intern
Wow Joe... that is bad ass! F@#%*$g awesome bike dude. Enjoy it!! see you at the office tomorrow...
07/09/2009 4:23AM
Mike Whisten
Bad ass Joe. Congrats on having your dream come true! I too share that same dream of one day owning a Harley. Maybe DogFace could ride in the saddle bags?
06/16/2009 6:45PM
im glad that you finally got your dream bike....dont listen to the other guy hes just looks great and i hope you enjoy it...i just started listening again to the station and you guys rock. you make the workday go buy way faster. keep it going stevn
06/19/2009 12:47PM
Looks good Joe but why a bagger for such a young dude ? you need a freakin rigid frame chopper somethin that people will know it's your's when it's seen, don't get me wrong nice choice of motorcycle, but honestly I exspected somethin a little more flashy. Hey man by the way now that ya have a real motorcycle it might be time to quit callin it a bike. bikes have a skinny banana seats that smells of ass and 2 pedals. most of the people I know that call a motorcycle a bike also wear tennis shoes while riding, and let thier good lookin ole ladies ride with shorts on. ALL GAY. anyways man congrats and do yourself a favor don't chop the windshield and put ape hangers on it. O yeah is Pat Martin really well ya know. Adios
06/23/2009 8:43AM
Joe, It's awesome! Congrats on the Bike!
06/25/2009 4:06PM
mike s
congrats joe, it's too bad that craig is incapable of sharing your joy. i hope one day his wife will let him have his balls back, until then , remember he is just jealous of real men. keep the shiny parts up and ride safe. **LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES**
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