Arnie States

Previously a part of the on the long-running and hugely successful 98 Rock morning show, Arnie was known for being simple, lazy and funny, but mostly simple. In 2015 it dawned on him that becoming a member of an afternoon show meant never-ever having to wake up at 4:00 am again so Arnie asked to... Read More


A Bio??!!?? Where the heck do I start! Well, lets just roll with it and hopefully all will be answered! I was born January 17, 1970 at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana, Ca. However my family and I lived in San Bernadino, Ca. Life started out normal, mom was a housewife and my dad worked his booty off to... Read More


Whether I'm at dinner, a concert, grocery shopping, getting gas, at the bank, or on the air, everywhere I go everyone always asks, is it true? Yes, its true - I am circumcised! I was born in Modesto, CA on the 26th day of April, 1972. My first paid radio job was in 1991 for KTRB, a Spanish station... Read More

Joe Maumee

The nucleus of The DogPound began on 98 Rock in 2004 with one very prickly afternoon DJ named Dog. One day in a moment of epiphany, Dog realized that his voice alone was tantamount to his listeners being punched in the head with a closed fist. So to offer a little calm to the show, he invited mild-... Read More


My name is Leeanne, I am a Bay Area transplant (grew up in Dublin, about 2 miles away from Rob.....) who started radio in Hayward, CA playing punk and ska, and did some overnights (and other shifts no one else would do) in San Francisco. Quick and to the point, I am one of those few people who... Read More


Writing a bio is weird. So I asked everyone I know to say one word that best describes me. Here’s that list… “I don’t have time for this.” And there you have it. Listen to me weeknights from 7 – 12 Just kidding…… I’m from Cleveland and I love it. Yes it’s kind of a dumpy little city but it’s gotten... Read More

Pat Martin

Pat grew up in Lynwood down in Southern California (it's right next to Compton and Watts). As a kid, Pat had 7 bicycles stolen...6 of those with Pat ON the bike! Pat would've been the most famous person from Lynwood High were it not for "Wierd Al" Yankovic. As a child, Pat appeared on a famous... Read More

Producer Amanda

After moving from a little hippy logging town in the Pacific Northwest when I was 5, I've been generally running amuck and getting into shenanigans around the Greater Sacramento area for the last 20 something years. Right out of high school I got a job with a large corporate telecommunications... Read More

Producer Brandon

Born in Sacramento, and raised in Georgetown, CA. A very modest town nestled in the foothills of Northern California. When I was young, around 6th grade, my mother took me to see my very first live radio event. It was the RAD show! Back when they tried and did live appearances. This particular... Read More


All great stories start in the beginning, which for me, would be September 17, 1971. I had two older sisters, 10 and 11, and my parents were actually married. Though they eventually divorced, I was blessed with an actual working family unit most of my childhood years. And, I was damn cute. My... Read More