Dog and Joe
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Pat grew up in Lynwood down in Southern California (it's right next to Compton and Watts). As a kid, Pat had 7 bicycles stolen...6 of those with Pat ON the bike! Pat would've been the most famous person from Lynwood High were it not for "Wierd Al" Yankovic.

As a child, Pat appeared on a famous television program, "Art Linkletter’s House Party". It was the segment known as "Kids Say The Darndest Things". (Ironically, Art Linkletter went to San Diego State and was the first ever Program Director of radio station KGB in San Diego. Pat also went to San Diego State and worked at KGB for 10 years.)

Pat's family moved to Orange County where Pat spent his junior and senior years at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, right down the street from Disneyland. Pat then attended Cypress College before transferring to San Diego State (see bio above). (Special thanks to some of my college radio mentors: Dave Luce, Barry Wellman, Keith Royer, Mike Berger, John Mazur, Kim Wilson...thank you all!!!)

Pat's professional radio idols and mentors were Jim Ladd on KMET and KLOS in Los Angeles, Bob Coburn of KMET and Rockline, and Jim McInnes of KGB-FM in San Diego, where Pat also worked. After an outing of drinking one evening, Jim (McInnes) had to cover for an incapacitated Pat by doing a dead-on imitation of him on the air for a couple of hours...and Pat's show never sounded so good!

In 1985, Pat was sent to London England to cover LIVE AID. After interviewing David Bowie and Bob Geldof, Pat sat in the media section to watch the show. Sitting next to him was Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets. The two became friends and stayed in touch with each other until Mr. Henson's death in 1990.

Pat has also interviewed countless rock stars, bands, and celebrities, including Robert Plant, Tom Petty, Pete Townshend, Father Guido Sarducci, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Ozzy Osbourne, and too many others to name. Pat has sung background vocals on stage for Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Pat has been to well over a thousand concerts in his life, which probably explains his moderate hearing loss. Two of his favorite all time shows are the Rolling Stones at the Forum in Los Angeles and Tool at the Sleep Train Amphitheater.

Pat's band, Animal House, was the first outside band since Johnny Cash in the late 60's to perform inside Folsom Prison.

Pat's personal CD collection is at about six thousand and counting.

Dog Face

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Where do I start - Where it all started? I grew up in the meth and murder capital of the Central Valley, Modesto, Ca on April 26th , 1972. A date you should know, get me something good! And yes, I grew up underneath power lines. If you listen to the show you know I dropped out of school in the 7th grade. I worked construction during and after high school. I worked at Gallo Winery for 3 days. I worked at the Olive Garden for 3 months but it felt like 30 years! I attended MJC for 2 years, and it was there that I knew I would make my 1 listener's life as miserable as possible! I started my radio career at a Spanish station - KTRB. Although Spanish women are hot, I had a slight language barrier, it only lasted a few months. I then got an internship at Rock 104/Rock 95 in, I think, 1993.

I drove the station van, blew up those stupid inflatable animals, handed out stickers, and ran through a parking lot with a cow tongue-necklace as dogs chased me for "Running of the Pit Bulls." I've been a human piñata, a woman, a turkey, and a nudist. I've eaten lion meat, my own pubic hair, other people's pubic hair, and anything hot or gross! I was a stuntman long before a DJ. I produced a morning show, did a morning show, a night show and everything in between. I know everything there is to know about radio - except how to do it good. In 96' I made the biggest mistake of my life; I accepted a job in Portland, OR. I had a good time on the air but the people and state SUCKED! Plus it was back before the F@#$ing Communist Commission regulated our every breath. In 2003 my wildest dreams came true, I was fired!

And well, well, well, here we are. Back home, in one of the greatest places to live in the whole world! YES, I honestly believe that. The only place better than Nor Cal would be the sun, I've heard it's tough to find work there?

I like fast cars, wet beer, and large women. Exactly in that order! Stan Atkinson was a pimp, Margaret Pelley was hot, and Christy Canyon is STILL the second most beautiful woman on the planet. I've seen her naked - in real life, she sat on my lap. I've met Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Ashlyn Geere, Houston, Chasey Lane, Cassidy, Ron Jeremy, AND JENNA JAMESON - she let me massage her bare feet. Haven't washed my hands since. Markie Post, Alyssa Milano, Kirstie Alley, Patricia Heaton, Jami Gertz, Cindy Crawford, and Christie Swanson never did porn but I wish they would! Yet none of them can hold a candle to Kim “The Ass” Kardashian. I am married and would never cheat on my wife, unless it was with one of the chicks mentioned above. I forgot to mention Kyrsti Lynn, she was one of the best ever! My chances of nailing her are the best, she died in 1995. (RIP)

I've had a beer with God/John Force. Michael Andretti is the king of "open wheel." And someday, hopefully, Greg Biffle will win the Sprint Cup. I love cars and all things with engines. I own a 98 Mustang (Cobra). I believe in driving American cars, not cars with American-flag stickers. The price of gas sucks but walking gargles. I use premium with every fill-up. Janet Jackson is a dumb b****. She's made my life hell (on the radio). If I have to worry about getting fined every day, shouldn't we have gotten to see BOTH breasts? I also own a few of her CD's, possessions are combined when you marry... I hate beer in the can because it hurts and a few of my favs are; Michelob, Grolsh, Anchor Steam, and Molson Canadian. If you ever go to Canada, get some Molson Dry - you can't get it here, it's the best ever! I've paid as much as 20 bucks for 12pk! I've been arrested, I like lighting illegal fireworks, I like hard work, yard work, and have done work detail. What ever happened to Capt. Mitch, and Joe Cartione? Why can't we have concerts at Cal Expo anymore? The first and only time I saw Layne Staley with AIC was at Expo, they opened for Van Halen, the GREATEST band to ever use oxygen. That is not an opinion - IT'S A FACT and is not open for discussion - EVER! Eddie signed my guitar. Sometimes I sleep with it - naked! Bill Clinton has good hair. Not as good as Marc Furman's or Scott Baio's, but it's damned good. I have a fascination with male hair, don't have much of my own. I like wine on occasion, screw cap or box, doesn't matter. I've never owned an El Camino, parachute pants, or high top Reeboks. I do however own a bunch of Whitesnake CD's, I saw em at Arco when they opened for Scorps and they SUCKED! GreatWhiteLionSnake is a much better band.

I have an autographed Tesla CD, got David Draiman laid, and played foosball with Tommy Lee. Nobody can beat me at foosball, NOBODY! I'm a master chef, a professional boot-knocker, and a journeyman plumber/carpenter. Ask my wife. Nobody from Redding to Tijuana can grill a better tri tip than I, NOBODY! I used to play drums and thumb wrestle for rent money. I can throw a Frisbee from here to Tijuana, hit a bulls-eye, and make a 9-ball at the same distance! I couldn't hit a golf ball with a snow shovel - golf's GAY! Unless you're drunk and it's miniature... I can also throw a small ball from here to Tijuana too, I love small ball. Ricky Henderson is the greatest! I was at the Coliseum when he broke the stolen base record. I saw Nolan pitch a no-hitter there too! I also saw a lot of the big A's rehab in Modesto, before they moved to Colorado!

DeNiro, Liotta, Cage, and Billy Bob are my boys! Harvey Kytell and Michael Madsen are evil too. I like mob movies or comedies. If Heat were a documentary, Pacino would have died at the end, NOT DeNiro! I cried when Sissy got beat up by Wes Hightower in Urban Cowboy. Yeah, I know Cage was in Fast Times, and is anything cooler than seeing a guy getting stabbed in the throat with a pen? Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaughn can do no wrong - except Dodgeball, way to corny, even for me. Is Molly Ringwald still hot? And no one that walks upright and shares oxygen with Van Halen is funnier than Letterman. I have a Hot Wheel collection. I go to car shows. I would steal a Ford GT. I knew a gut that stole a Mustang GT. I had an 88' Hurricane and a 90' CBR. I loved the looks of those bikes. I want a 90' VFR 750. I would love a chopper with a built S&S and a 280 in back. But, unless it's in the trunk of the Ford GT it aint happenin anytime soon. Reno's a toilet. Tahoe is tolerable, especially with Tahoe Wabo, and Vegas is money baby. I hate gambling.

What else do you want? I’m a conservative Liberal, I like Dr. Pepper and Coke. I'm circumcised, like my son. He'll be 7 in September. It's true, kids really are miracles. I don't think you can truly understand love or life until you give life to someone else. It's amazing. And one more thing, if you can't pronounce the state in which you live, you shouldn't be allowed to govern it! And yes, I'm ho tested and playa approved.


Joe Maumee

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm, Saturdays 3pm - 6pm
It all started about 33 years ago when my father was inebriated, my mother was passed out and condoms were obviously forgotten! After 9 months of screaming, crying, cursing and never forgetting condoms again, Joe was born.

Life has been pretty ordinary from that point on! I grew up in the middle of farmland Indiana, where cow tipping and spying on buddies' naked sisters through bedroom windows were favorite past times. Just kidding (not really). High school was like high school for most guys (and one or two of you ladies). I drank, partied and lost my virginity more than one time, I think! I also rode and raced motocross for a number of years.

Then there was college. I went to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. College was great, I think! From what I can remember, I did my fair share of partying! That was actually where I got my start in Radio, as I worked at the college station for 3 years. Realizing that I was in need of money (to keep up party habits and whatnot), I tried several jobs including being a poster child for an anti-smoking campaign, dressing in a chicken costume for children's birthday parties, selling cologne, Life Insurance, used auto parts, clothing & hell well I think you get the picture. I even tried my hand at bartending!

Finally, some confused and deranged individual decided to give me a shot at radio. My first job was in Chicago, Illinois. I really wanted to be in radio. About after, I moved from Chicago to Fort Wayne, Indiana where my career in Rock Radio began. I was in Fort Wayne for 10 months and then I received the greatest career opportunity I could imagine - the chance to move to California and play music for you on 98 Rock! The last 5 years have been a blast. I married the most beautiful woman in the world on Sept. 27th of ’08! A day of days! We have two dogs, Tucker and Taylor. They are both rescue dogs and I’m gonna be straight with you here, Tucker is possibly the best dog EVER! Taylor isn’t that bad either..hahaha I spend most of my time with my family and friends. I love riding my motorcycle. I have a Suzuki Blvd. M109R, badass machine! Skiing and snowboarding n the Winter, or what’s left of our Winters, and the beaches and lakes in the Summer! A lot of people ask me why I’m so happy all the time and I tell them, ” I’m living my dream”! I can’t wait to see what happens from here.


Weekdays 7pm - 12am
Don't let me fool you, I'm happy to be here.

I was born and raised in the Motor City which would explain my love for Red Wings hockey. Transplanted here from Cleveland, Ohio...which would explain my love for the Browns. Yes, this means I HATE all Pittsburgh sports teams with every fiber of my soul. I know how to read, write and do simple math, however I prefer calculators. Are you really still reading this? Carry on then…
While I went to college I was also part of an all-women's wrestling league called KPOWW! (Kalamazoo Precinct of Women Wrestlers) and wrestled under the name "Corporate Cristi". I used to bludgeon the other wrestlers with the contents of my briefcase and my finishing move was called the "Glass Ceiling". We would tour and do shows with bands like The Donnas and Sleater Kinney. I believe that was around the time I developed my love for whiskey.

When KPOWW! came to an end, I don't think it was a surprise to anyone that I had sparked an interest in Roller Derby. Since moving to California, I have joined the ranks of the Sac City Rollers. I currently Co-Captain the team The Folsom Prison Bruisers.  My skater name is "Skellawhore" and my number is "Room 237". Yes, I was a fan of He-Man growing up, and The Shining is my favorite movie. Come see us play sometime. It's a blast! You can find our schedule at

Rather than blather on about myself like the rest of the staff did, I’ll just hit you with some fun facts about yours truly:
• I don’t have any kids and no thank you, I don’t want any.
• No, I’m not married, but please don't try to set me up with any of your friends.
• I am addicted to stand-up comedy.
• I’m terrible at Poker, Black Jack & most billiards in general.
• I have fantastic taste in music. If you don’t believe me, buy me a drink & give me the chance to prove you wrong.
•  In my prime I’m sure I could drink you under the table. Now, I just do it to make everyone else less ugly.
• Yes, I am tattooed. My favorite tattoo is the anchor on my leg, in honor of my old roller derby team The Cleveland Steamers. I also have a skeleton/mermaid (skermaid?) on my opposite thigh in my new team colors, and tears tattooed on my fingers so I can taunt crybabies. There are also two other tattoos on my back, but we don’t talk about those… they are for private parties only.
• I have two dogs named Peanut and Hank. I prefer their company over most people.
• I’ve never liked the Beach Boys and I think their Christmas music is pure torture.
• I was Producer of The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show for almost six years before taking over nights on 98 Rock.

Thanks for listening & feel free to shoot me an email sometime at or text your requests to 62-515. I hope to bump into you soon!

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