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Is This Hot? (Tina Fey in Upcoming Esquire Shoot)


03/18/2010 10:30AM
Is This Hot? (Tina Fey in Upcoming Esquire Shoot)
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03/19/2010 12:48PM
I've always thought she was hot. She looks like me wife. Everyone else thinks so too, it's not just me.
03/21/2010 6:57PM
dude are you sure that's tina? she looks like Ashley greene to me
03/18/2010 7:20PM
Will H
Not really... and I am not gay. May I ask what the f' is up with her waiste? lol
03/18/2010 3:29PM
Hell Ya Its Hot! Amazing what make-up and photograghy will do...
03/18/2010 10:56AM
Jason Anderson
I'd f*%@ her
03/18/2010 12:18PM
Eddie K
Surprisingly so...
03/18/2010 3:20PM
Mike B
Hell yeah
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