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Joe Maumee Is Finally A Daddy

Grave Digger has finally arrived. 10/01/2010 (he was the 1st baby born in October at Sutter Roseville) 1:40 am 6lbs 14oz. 19 in long

Congratulations to Pat Kennealy, he picked the correct date and time; 10/01/10 at 1am.  He wins Nickelback Tickets for the Oct. 23rd show and Roger Waters Tickets for the Dec. 3rd show!  Thank you all very much!


10/01/2010 2:01PM
Joe Maumee Is Finally A Daddy
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10/01/2010 9:59PM
Marlene C
He is a handsome little grave digger,congrats to both of you. There is nothing like being a parent,enjoy.
10/25/2010 1:17PM
yvonne wild
He's a gorgeous baby! Congrats Joe and Emily.
10/01/2010 2:10PM
AWWWWW, what is his real name! No one said!
10/01/2010 2:34PM
mary running
omg, emily looks so good .the baby is beautiful. Joe has that new daddy look . First thing my husband said was "no .you're not having another "
10/01/2010 2:50PM
Bambi Hall
He is soooo adorable. You guys make such a cute little family. Congratulations. Maybe that means my daughter will have her baby any day. She is due the 5th.
10/01/2010 4:47PM
Congratulations to you both, he is a beautiful boy.
10/01/2010 5:02PM
what a cute kid. congrats, joe!
10/01/2010 5:17PM
Congrats Joe, I wish you and your family so much happiness. You are going to be a great Dad. I've heard you talk on the show about how much you want to be a Dad and now here it is. Enjoy the ride of being a Father it's going to be one hell of an adventure. Tiffany & Kathy
10/01/2010 5:41PM
Adrian Martin
Congrats i listen to u guys almost everyday and its about time your little "Grave Digger" came into this world. My daughter is now 1 year 3 months and everyday is a big happy surprise to be a first time father. Thanks for your time.
10/01/2010 6:17PM
Beautiful, tiny, little guy. You did good work, guys.
10/01/2010 6:43PM
Heather F.
He is absolutely gorgeous! You guys did good work. And props to the photographer of that last picture ;)
10/02/2010 2:31AM
Danny Mainis
congratulations on the kid!!! Props for all the stuff that you went through. Your show is awesome keep up the good work, have a good vacation.
10/03/2010 7:48AM
Congrats Joe, my only son is almost 7, but I remember when he was born, i was the proudest daddy in the hospital. GOOD LUCK to you both..
10/05/2010 9:44AM
Jason Anderson
Poor kid looks just like Joe
10/05/2010 10:27AM
Congrats to you,Joe and Emily. He's absolutely perfect(must all come from Emily's side...LOL). I am very happy for the two of you.
10/06/2010 11:32AM
PERFECT! Babies should all look that good when they come out! Don't you love the smell of newborns?
10/15/2010 2:58PM
See one baby, you've seen 'em all! Wheres the pics of GRANDmaumee? HA! J/K, CONGRATS!
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