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Michelle Bombshell McGee (Jesse James' Stray)


03/18/2010 10:38AM
Michelle Bombshell McGee (Jesse James' Stray)
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03/18/2010 10:51AM
Guys, I think this girl is smoking hot except for the forehead and neck tattoo's, but then again I love girls with tattoo's all over their body.
03/18/2010 11:56AM
Jason Anderson
The facial Tattoos are a lil' scary but I guarantee she is fun in bed!
03/18/2010 3:08PM
Kustom Kolors
What the F~ What was he thinking? She is NOT attractive whatsoever! She's freakin SCARY!!
02/07/2012 2:39PM
Fucking Gorgeous!!!
Woooowww! That's my kind of girl...She's absolutely gorgeous!
03/04/2012 2:43PM
SUPER HOT!!!!!!!
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