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Meet New York's "Naked Therapist" . . . A Woman Who Gets Nude To Help Her Clients Solve Their Problems

It's about time someone found a way to profit off a combination of softcore porno and crippling depression.  --24-year-old Sarah White of New York City is a former psychology student who's now making her living as a NAKED THERAPIST. --For $150-an-hour you go to her website, SarahWhiteLive, and have a text chat while a webcam shows Sarah.  During the session, as you tell her your problems and she talks you through them, she strips down and gets completely nude.


03/07/2011 7:43AM
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03/08/2011 9:18AM
Levi Riordan
Hey look I dont like this chick. If I am paying 150 bucks and hour for some chick to get naked I am paying that so she shuts up and leaves when I am done. Not to hear some broad yack on about how I need to fix my life. I can get that from my cow of a wife for free. You pay them to shut up and go.
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