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Proposition 19 Links

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10/29/2010 12:13PM
Proposition 19 Links
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09/17/2010 2:28AM
Mary Jane
Vote Yes on prop 19. Medicinal Marijuana is still illegal. Prop 215 gives you an exemption. You can still get your stuff taken away and confiscated, have to deal with the courts and prove that your exempt. Onlyy the criminals do not want 19 to pass. They lose a lot of $$$ when the average price for an Ounce goes down to $12.50 instead of $300-$400 AN oZ. August 30,2010 the California Assembly passed SB 1449, which would reclassify possession of under an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction. ASK THE GOVERNATOR TO NOW SIGN THE BILL!
09/14/2010 1:57PM
prop 19 does not mention medical users bacause they are protected by prop 215.Which puts them in a different category. Also it will not cost you anything to grow a 5x5 garden, but if you dicide to be a farmer or wholeseller it would cost you $5,000 for a license and $2,500 for a retailers license per year. Look up ab 390
11/01/2010 3:03PM
Sorry guys....No ON 19....2012 will be our year !!!
09/14/2010 8:12PM
Hey Joe! jesse's comments above are correct, if you read the un-biased info on Wiki, Office of Legislative Analysis, and more, the personal growing of one 25 s.f. area will NOT be taxed, it is the retailers and commercial growers who may be taxed at an est. $50/oz. plus licensing/registration fees. and, there isn't additional clarification in Prop 19 regarding medical use because Prop 19 does NOT disturb those rights already allowed under the Medical Marijuana Initiative. while it's almost worth the laugh to read the official State Ballot language clarifying that Prop 19 will SAVE the state money, at the same time TAXING the product (so, why do we need to generate revenue if just the act of legalized marijuana will SAVE the state money?), if we pass this Proposition, we will have more rights to possess marijuana than they have in Amsterdam. in the Netherlands it's not legal to cultivate for personal use without a medical exemption. Prop 19 will allow those individuals over the age of 21 who wish to use non-medicinal marijuana the same right of protection under state law as a registered medical user. Dude! you should vote Yes on Prop 11!
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