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05/17/2010 10:37AM
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05/18/2010 1:49PM
Sargent ONeal
you will be missed when we head the news my whole battalion in IRAQ rode down the streets of Baghdad barring holly diver for three hours strait. you will be missed and to let the family know all of of us from the second squad 1 marines davion. are sorry for your lose>RIP RONNIE JAMES DIO
05/17/2010 12:27PM
connie del monte
RIP RJD... i grew up listening to your great music, u will be missed very much, my daughter and sons also like the music u did, thank u for all u gave to us music lovers, bye for now......connie del monte
05/17/2010 11:31AM
RIP RJD you will greatly be missed!!!
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