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Real Women


03/02/2010 12:40PM
Real Women
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03/02/2010 1:28PM
no name
Even a female can apreciate these pictures, Thank you. REAL WOMEN
03/02/2010 6:09PM
paul rurup
All These women are stiller, I would date and even marry any one of them, but you know they are so hard to find. can you help? would love to meet some one like them
03/02/2010 8:46PM
Heard you guys talk about it on the show so i had to come check it out!
03/16/2010 5:36AM
As a teenager growing up in a world filled with eating disorders, cracked out runway models and celebrities who are so skinny you can count their bones through their skin, it's so refreshing to see models with fuller bodies like real women have. The mainreason I got out of the modeling business was because of the pressure to be deadly thin, but these women here are reason enough to get out there and help promote healthy bodies. Thanks, Dog and Joe.
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