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Really Dead Presidents


04/20/2011 12:31PM
Really Dead Presidents
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04/20/2011 2:57PM
Yawwwwwnnnn. How is this offensive?
04/21/2011 12:21AM
Does this video ever end? I've been watching it all night and it goes on forever and doesn't show how long it is. Maybe this is why some business now will take precious metals instead of the USD. Silver in the last 2 years has gone up from $9.25 to the $30 range. Banks are buying gold and holding on to it. According to the 1965 United States Coinage Act, private businesses are free to develop their own policies on which methods of payment they will or will not be willing to accept. That is why a convenience store has every right to refuse a $100 bill as payment for a bottle of water. Maybe we will see a different currency exchange like Michigan does.
04/21/2011 6:19PM
What this guy is saying is not new to anyone who has NOT been watching main stream TV. He does not say anything definitive of how to survive this financial crisis, and I'm willing to bet he wants you to invest in his company. He is trying to "fix" the system from the inside, but the real problem is the system itself. Ron Paul has been trying to get the Federal Reserve audited for years. Jacques Fresco has been talking about the Resource Based Economy for decades. Peter Joseph has motivated half a million people towards this new economy idea in just the past 3 years. Any smart person would find ways to make their family more self-sufficient, thus not tied to fluctuations in any currency. I can go on and on.... Take care and keep on rocking! BILL
04/21/2011 11:22PM
I concur with the above post (very long). for those who don't want to watch the entire video I'll summarize. 1)Scare: The US economy, specifically the value of the dollar, is screwed and having your savings in it is very bad as inflation will continue to rise your savings will be devalued. There'll be mass riots, a winter of discontent etc. 2)Adds known facts:Historic economic failures that mirror our own situation to serve as proof. We're printing our own $$ to pay some of the deficit and historically that always leads to hyper inflation. 3)sells a product: Subscribe for $50 4)finally:To catch the skeptical he offers a money back guarantee. I don't know if I can trust his money making methods. I haven't bought the subscription so I can't say anything of it's contents but I could hypothesize some possible methods that he could use to make money off this endeavor. (perhaps receiving some % off the gold he directed you to buy from? Thus, even though you could make the information free, if you followed his advice you'd still be paying him?) I do agree with his argument that we're in a very bad financial situation. however, I wonder about the idea of stocking up on metals and other goods. Seems to me to problem arises more from the fact that we, as a nation, have gone from being a nation of producers to a nation of consumers. Businesses went oversees for cheaper labor destroying many jobs in America. Now we're seeing many of the white collar jobs being outsourced to India. Without jobs the government cannot tax something that wasn't earned causing a loss of gov't income there, then throw in welfare and other government programs and anyone unemployed is hurting the economy. not that it's their fault, businesses leave when they cease to make profits and when they leave they destroy jobs and take money from the system which means that other businesses will see losses on their revenues as those people now unemployed go into conservation mode and won't buy products and services that they normally would because they lost their income. As this continues more and more businesses fire employees, take what they've gained and leave, or stay and try to make it and possibly end up bankrupt as they can't afford to keep their employees employed because the costs of running the business exceed the profits obtained, just look at the malls across the country closing. look at towns that were based around the american auto industry... People are homeless, make jobs and they will come. most people do not want to live on unemployment. Additionally make the jobs so that they have a american closed circuit (no imports). Bob pays chuck to cut his hair chuck pays Ned to check his teeth Ned pays Alfred to bake some bread Alfred pays Bob to repair his car and the cycle repeats for everyone in the circuit so that everyones needs are taken care of. Essentially it is bartering as the actual money (or quantity of money) is irrelevant so long as everyone is involved in a circuit they can contribute something to the community. And if everyone contributes then everyone shall receive. another way to explain this: imagine a circle of people every person you add gives something to everyone else in the group be it grain, pottery, haircuts, etc. So the more people you have the more people each individual must serve but also the more they receive. Now when we throw welfare people into the mix they add nothing to the group. but for each person on welfare they still demand that they be *ahem* serviced (probably not the best choice of words but oh well) and that only burdens the working members. Yes accepting them into the group does add more money to the pool but it doesn't actually benefit anyone whatsoever. And money in my opinion is supposed to be a measure of how much you have contributed to society. if you have contributed nothing you should receive nothing. If you are dedicated and spend every waking hour working hard to help your friends families, neighbors and others you deserve something from those who helped. Taxes are necessary for somethings but paying to bailout corporations is not one of those things, they are a public service to make sure that there is a basic level of maintenance and protection (ex. road repairs and military) well I've ranted long enough and I'm too tired to go back though my post for grammar/spelling I hope our nations economy isn't as bleak as I've seen in my research. In the end I think we should all buy a couple silver coins and if possible plant some plants we may need them in a few years. but, what do I know, I'm but a lowly Wall-mart employee making $10/hour. P.S. Every American deserves the Right to contribute to his nation and be rewarded for his contribution.
04/22/2011 10:48AM
So let me get this right. The guy wants you to pay him 50 American dollars so he can tell you to buy gold because the American dollar will be worthless? you think he would tell you to send him 50 bucks in gold instead. there sure are a lot of Ca$h for gold business and pawn shop shows lately. Pawn shops are the new banks of today
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