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Robbie Knievel (and his dad) Are PUSSIES!


03/09/2011 10:36AM
Robbie Knievel (and his dad) Are PUSSIES!
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03/10/2011 8:04AM
this guy should rob a bank he has the ultimate getaway skills. no cop or person in their right mind would chase him
03/09/2011 8:33PM
Dave K
That is suicidal. Suicidal Tendencies. I believe the rider is Charlie Sheen releasing some stress and centering his mind, soul, and spirit.
08/10/2011 2:26PM
Mark Norris
Nobody was better and more courageous that Evel Knievel and his son Robbie. All of the rest are just copies, and the are envious of both of them. You are the pussy for even saying this.
03/09/2011 3:51PM
Not Telling
WHooooah!!! That's crazy. I'll bet you $100 bucks he's not wearing a Womens size medium riding jacket. ;-D
04/25/2011 8:03AM
Mark Milligan
Hey Dog & Joe, That is some pretty ass kickin riding. I am 50 and ride a 2004 Honda Goldwing just like that,except for the wheeeeeelies! I have been pulled over many times for excessive lane splitting speed. Oh and shame on you for bad mouthing the KING of motorcycle stuntmen! Later
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