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Robin Hood 702


03/12/2010 1:59PM
Robin Hood 702
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03/15/2010 2:18AM
Hey dog this is one of those damn Portland listeners bot don't hold that against me cause I'm actualy from so cal. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing a bit of home to Portland for me and making this lame radio scene a nit easier to deal with. Don't know what happened with kufo but I know I was pissed when you left cause car bowling at the clark county fair and some of the other events you were at were alot more fun with you there any way Im glad you landed back on your feet and il be tuning in from eastern Washington to hear your show from time to time ( gotta love the Internet and the iPhone ) so keep it interesting and keep being you bro. Take care man oh and congrats on your kid it realy is a beautiful life changing blessing
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