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Sandra Bullock Vs. Kat Von D

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Sandra Bullock

Kat Von D


01/21/2011 12:40PM
Sandra Bullock Vs. Kat Von D
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01/21/2011 1:05PM
Kat:skank. Sandra is all around classy.
01/21/2011 1:13PM
Kat D is hotter. Everyone is voting for Sandra cause its the cliche thing to do. Pitty votes. I would dump her for Kat any day. Kudos j.j. kudos. BTW, I'm sure Sandra would be good in the sack, but kat is a girl who would kick you in the sack... and you would like it. -rich
01/21/2011 2:00PM
Don't think so "Rich". No pity vote here. Looking at Kat makes me feel like I'm going to contract an infection. Sandra is by far sexier. Comparing the two is like comparing a Ferrari to a Scion.
01/21/2011 3:53PM
You say bullock has better boobs?? Hahahahahahahaha. Ok that was funny. Did you bother to look at the pics?
01/21/2011 2:06PM
Kat has got NOTHING on Bullock! Looks - Bullock Boobs - Bullock Ass - Bullock Style - Bullock Stability, personality, future, etc... - Bullock. The only thing Kat would have on Bullock is younger age, and freakish tallness.
01/21/2011 2:21PM
i would take kate over sandra any daY OF THE WEEK she has that bad ass side to here
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