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Shrimp In a Blanket

People LOVE these things, figure on 3-5 per person!
You can buy shelled and deveined/precooked - but I think fresh are best if you want to do the work...
0) Soak desired amount of toothpicks in water 20/30 minutes prior cooking (just in case)
1) Shell, devein, clean, and pat dry large shrimp/prawns
2) Trim fat from bacon slices (depending on prefference) then half or third cut bacon slices. The more bacon the better and the more bacon the more manly. Don't skimp on the bacon... Roll shrimp in bacon just like a pig in a blanket. Use toothpick (through shrimp center) to fasten... I think Farmer John is the worlds most superior pig strip!
3)  In bowl; mix about a cup of favorite BBQ sauce with 3 tablespoons of honey. Add a splash (or two) of Kikkoman teriyaki sauce. Mix well!
4) Off flame - lower heat (250-275 tops) place shrimp on grill, start brushing sauce. Continue rolling/turning shrimp with basting every time. You want to cook the bacon, not burn it. When bacon is to your liking, so are the shrimp. Cook time about 20 minutes. Make sure you slather on lots of sauce!
5) Let cool, leave toothpick. Although you'll want to, don't eat toothpick!
As always: Real men cook on charcoal, never wear safety goggles, have plenty of cold beer handy and naked women dancing!
Eat, drink, burp, fart, repeat!


06/29/2010 11:05AM
Shrimp In a Blanket
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