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Steven Tyler Quits Aerosmith (to model sunglasses)

Steven Tyler


11/09/2009 12:53PM
Steven Tyler Quits Aerosmith (to model sunglasses)
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11/10/2009 5:25PM
Liz Osburn
lolol I heard Dog and Joe yakkin' about this pic on my way home from work yesterday...tooooooo frickin funny! oh - btw... I was checkin out Pat's 20th anniv. pics....I remember meetin him YEARS ago here in VAcaville! When he worked for 93 rock!
11/12/2009 6:49AM
Holy s***! When I first saw this picture, I thought he was some seventy-year-old woman who'd been smoking like three pacs of cigarettes a day since childhood!!!! O_O
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