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MONDAY, AUGUST 8TH, IS MY 23rd ANNIVERSARY ON KRXQ. In honor of all the great people I've ever worked with at this fine radio station, here's the KRXQ "Honor Roll"...everyone I've ever worked with! Thank you everybody, co-workers and listeners alike, for all the great times over the years!!!! Aaron Creechley Alaina Martin Alison Fief Alison Miller Andrew Brooks Andrew Vierra Andy Hawk Angela Smith Angie Stevens Ann Jacuzzo Antonio Muniz April Ayala Arnie States Art Ballard Barry Smith Beau Duran Beverley Skokan Bill Betts Bill Eldred Blair Chenoworth Bob Fuller (original owner...great man!) Bob Galli Bob Kay Brad Adams (original 93 Rock) Braden Nelson Brandon Angel Brian Lopez Brian Mull Brian Page (the good doctor!) Briana Aea Bruce Cambern Butch Mitchell Carol Rocha Carrie Allen Cassandra Heald Chadd Pierce Charlie Thomas (original 93 Rock) Charlotte Davis Che Brooks Cherie Dasmacci Chris Cotter Chris Cutlass Chris Payne Chris Rice Christie Phelps Christine Hansen Christine Short Cindi Starr Claudio Jule Colin Cooper Corrine Stubbs Cory Sims Craig (Dogface) Cristi Cantle Curtiss Johnson Dale Becker Dalton Miesen Dana Thompson Dani Thomas (Whitmore) Danny Sullivan Darryl Miner Dave “The Hammer” Mallett Dave Everingham Dave Ferraro Dave Johnson Dave Shields David Brown David Fitts David Foster David Lichtman Dawn Prince Dawn Rossi Dean Bogios Debbie Llewllyn Debbie Pino Del Goetz Denise McLean Derrick Dodson Dick Fields Don Kirkish Doug Brooker Doug Thomas Drew Houghton Dylan Riggs Emily Smith Frances Martin Fred Hormell George Skofis (R.I.P.) Gerri October Gina Azzarello Glen Michaels Gordon Pierie Greg Bohnenberger Greg Brown (McGregor) Haley VanZandt Hank Gonzales Haseena Mohabbat Heather Lacedra Hook J.J. Jeffrey James Wojdac Jameson Stevenson Jamie Campos Miner Jamie Shipman Jamie Walker Jason Patton Jay Rose Jay West Jeff Jackson Jeff McMurray Jeff Thackberry Jeff Williams (good man...R.I.P.) Jenelle Neri Jennifer George Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Seabolt Jennifer Seelig Jennifer Wilde Jerry Davis Jerry Demarco Jerry Susoeff Jessica Rogers Jim Donohue Jim Eaton Jim Fox (best PD in the country!) Jim Jobe Jim Matthews (original 93 Rock) Jim Robinson Joe Maumee John Boyle John Geary John Nelson Josh Pusateri Judith Greenfield Judy McNutt Julee Werner Julia Kelly Julie Hohn Justin Case (original 93 Rock) Justine Roller Kandace Wackerly Karen Begin (Darian O’Toole R.I.P.) Kat Maudru Kathy Oliver Katie Beers Katie Grahm Katy Brown Kelly Bassett Kelly Blue Ken Ferrari Ken Gross Ken Jones Kevin “Boom Boom” Anderson (original 93 Rock) Kevin “Spanky” Prater (original 93 Rock) Kirk Worley Kosar Jaff Kristin Enders Kristin Wong Kylee Brooks Larry Goodale Laura Ingle Laura Lee Laural Hamm Lauren Rossi Leah Kraus Leanne Hansen Lee Hansen Leigh Taylor Lesley Harter Lezlie Bolander Linda Hargis Linda Onstad-Adkins Lisa Austin Lisa Cavros Lizann Hunt Lorne Hunter Lynda Clayton Lynn Vermes Maggie Blanchfield Maria Livings Marianne Watson Mark DeBaca Mark Gilmore Mark Lowe Mark Rosas Marta Wilson Sykes Martin Ashley Mary Messick Matt Eamer Matt Maloney Matt Taylor Max Volume Megan Emmerling Megan Selvey Melanie Dalton Melanir Duval Melina McClendon Melissa Maxwell Melissa Whaley Miche’al Mitchell Michelle Bouve’ Michelle Shockley Micheyl Hiller Mick Rush Mike Akina Mike Dezego Mike Fisher Mike John (my friend and mentor... R.I.P.) Mike Opeyany Mike Pierce Mike Preacher Mike Wade Mikey Miki Novak Miranda Boyer Mitch Wright Monica Lowe Montana Natalie Maranzino Nick Beard Nick Geiser Norwood Pam Morris Pamela Roberts (original 93 Rock) Pat Smith Paul Adams Paul Belli Paul Cohen Paul Fling Paul Marshall Paul Taylor Paul Wilbur Peter Bachner Phil Olivas Preetika Devi R.L. Caron Ramsey Elliot Randy Scovil Rebekka Hart Armstrong Rene Murdock Rich Hoffman Rich Ripley Rick Anderson Rick Rapalee Rob Williams Robert Adamic Robert Saldana Robin Beyn Ron Benavidez Ron Dobson Ronnie Davisson Ruby Aikmen Russ Tyler Ryan Boggs Ryan Pierce Sara McClure Sarah Goodman Scott Forrington Scott Halmeyer Sharelle Martin Shaun Youngberg Shawna Torres Shay Sill Stacy Knight Stacy Turner Starr Bachman Steve Bradford Steve Garland Steve Telliano Stromboli Sue Wynott Susan Riviecco Tammy Hall Tanya Montague Taylor McMahon Teresa Cummings Theo Todd Frank Todd Sears Tom Addy Tom Huskiens Tom Pate Tom Schurr Tori Mahr Troy Nuner Valerie Miller Vince Simon Violet Virginia Rich Whitey Gleason


08/08/2011 2:49AM
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08/10/2011 6:39PM
Che Brooks
You're the best Pat, thanks!
08/23/2011 3:13AM
Tom Addy
Wow Pat, quite the memory ;)
09/05/2011 5:37PM
Ann Jacuzzo
Thanks for remembering me! OG: 93Rock...crank it up!
08/23/2012 9:44AM
Honor Roll
Hey Pat ~ Nice try, but we know it's not your memory. Apparently you were smart enough to keep all those inside-only employee lists! I still have fond memories of you helping me with all the fun Coors presentations, etc. in my many years with KRXQ! You were always great to work with and so creative. All the best and regards to your lovely wife. Virginia Rich
04/27/2015 4:09AM
Mud Bone Rocks!
Thanks for the shoutout Pat. It was a pleasure to work with you at the great radio stations of 93 and 98 Rock! Keep Rockin! Mtich Wright
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