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Take the Baseball Quiz

1. What Major League Baseball team has the best Opening Day record: New York Yankees, New York Mets or Los Angeles Dodgers? ANSWER: New York Mets, with a 30-and-17 Opening Day record

2. How long is the average life span of a Major League baseball -- seven pitches, 11 pitches or 18 pitches? ANSWER: seven pitches

3. True or false? No player in Major League history has ever hit two grand slams in a single game from opposite sides of the plate? ANSWER: False. Bill Mueller did it in 2003

4. Only two Major League players have hit 70 or more home runs in a single season. Who are they? ANSWER: Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire

5. What Major League team scored a record 30 runs in one game in 2007? ANSWER: The Texas Rangers

6. What did Babe Ruth wear under his hat to keep cool: a cabbage leaf, ice cubes, or frozen deli meat? ANSWER: A cabbage leaf, which he changed every two innings

7. What year did Nolan Ryan set a record by striking out 383 batters: 1971, 1972 or 1973? ANSWER: 1973

8. Joe DiMaggio holds the Major League record for the longest hitting streak. How many consecutive games did he record a hit? ANSWER: 56

10. Why was there no World Series in 1994: earthquake, players' strike or wildfires? ANSWER: Players' strike

11. Former president George W. Bush was a part owner of what Major League team? ANSWER: Texas Rangers

11. Which one of the following teams has never won a World Series: Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians or Pittsburgh Pirates? ANSWER: Houston Astros

12. The new Yankee Stadium opens today -- April 3rd, 2009. What year did the old Yankee Stadium first open? ANSWER: 1923

13. True or false? The top ticket price for a single game at the new Yankee Stadium is more than 26-hundred dollars? ANSWER: True

14. What Major League Baseball team lost 23 consecutive games in 1961: St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins or Philadelphia Phillies? ANSWER: Philadelphia Phillies

15. True or false? As an Opening Day stunt in 1961, the Chicago Cubs employed little people as drink vendors at Wrigley Field. ANSWER: True. Cubs' ownership figured the dwarfs wouldn't block the view of the field as they sold their beverages. However, the idea backfired because the trays were too heavy for them.


04/07/2009 8:13AM
Take the Baseball Quiz
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