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Thanksgiving Recipes

TurKING What you will need: 1-fresh turkey, paprika, extra virgin olive oil, your favorite poultry seasoning/rub, fresh ground pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, peperoncinis, 1-red onion, 10-15 cloves garlic, a charcoal grill, charcoal, hickory chips. (optional - mini carrots) Hopefully your spices are in shakers, it makes it a lot easier. -Clean defrosted bird in warm water and remove ALL gizzards and neck parts. Pat dry and remove water. -Place bird on large tray/pan with breast up. -Cover lightly with a dusting of paprika, you want it LIGHT pink, NOT red! -Cover lightly to heavy with your favorite poultry seasoning/rub. If the rub is salty BE CAREFUL! -Apply a liberal dusting of parsley, and light dustings of oregano and basil. -Dust with fresh ground pepper. -Make sure you cover the entire (exposed) bird with all ingredients. -Lightly pour on your olive oil. Do not drown but lightly pour. You don't want to wash off all the seasoning. Yes, I've tried applying the oil first but it seems to make the bird oilier. Rub in oil covering all areas. -Rinse your hands, they should be greasy-gross by now. -Pour in a light to moderate amount of olive oil in to the "gizzard chute." -Add in a liberal amount of seasoning/rub... -Chop up your red onion; half it, then half that. Depending on bird size you may be able to fit the chopped whole onion. -Add your skinned garlic cloves and about 10 peperoncinis. You will have to shove em in... If you like carrots, replace half the onion amount with baby carrots. (boil baby carrots for about 10 min before stuffing) -Salt again with your rub and add another splash of olive oil. Take the two "gizzard chute" flaps and fold up to cover. -I like to let the bird "lay in state" for at least 1 hour before cooking. On the grill: If you use a Weber; make two nice mounds of coal on the left and right. Keep the mounds thin but high. (about 25 per side) You want to cook indirectly - off the flame. Get fire hot but controlled and place the bird BREAST UP in the center. (grab by legs) You do not want to burn the skin, you want to brown it. Adjust fire accordingly. after one full hour of cooking, rotate grill so legs are where neck was - half turn. Add in a cup of pre-soaked hickory chips. Cook another hour watching heat. Gas grill: Cook in center using heat from outside burners -Depending on weight and temp, it has never taken me longer than 3 hours. 2:15 is average. -Grab the bird with hot hands by the body NOT the legs! *Watch the legs. When the legs drop and skin stretches/slightly rips you are done* *A turkey can cook for up to 20 minutes after leaving the fire, do not over cook* I believe a grilled turkey has less "sleepy stuff" too. Serve with a nice Chardonnay or Lodi Zin! Carve, eat, burp, fart, poop, sleep, repeat! Happy Thanksgiving, TDFB This recipe came from a 98 Rocker! I've been perfecting and varying for almost 3 years now. My wife calls it a Potato Bake. What you will need: Foil, 1 - glass casserole dish, 2 - med pots, 3 - 14oz cans of green beans (I like fresh better), 2 - 14oz cans of peas, 1 - 6oz can of fried onions, 1 red onion, 5 gloves garlic, 3 red tomato, bacon bits, pepper, Parmesan cheese (can is fine), Italian salad dressing, 2lbs of bacon, 1.5lbs of shredded Colby Jack cheese, and 8-10 servings of instant potatoes. (I hate real mashed potatoes) -Add to pot; A couple of big squirts of dressing, skin and thinly slice garlic, quartered tomatoes, 2 - quarters onion. -On med-high heat start reducing above ingredients, add 3 cans of beans when tomatoes start to soup, pepper. -Liberal dusting of Parmesan and bacon bits. Add another 3-4 big squirts of dessing, stir and let simmer covered on med. (canned beans are quicker, fresh take about an hour) -Microwave 10-12 strips of bacon (micro bacon is the best) do NOT over cook, oven will finish. -Remove excess fat from bacon -Shred cheese -Prepare spuds -Cover caserole dish with cooked spuds evenly -Drain and add peas over top of spuds -Add cooked beans by scooping from pot (don't pour in extra juice) -Add bacon strips -Add fried onions -Add shredded cheese Cover with foil and bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes. All you are doing basically is melting the cheese. Cut in to squares and use spatula to serve. Eat, burp, fart, poop, sleep, repeat! Happy Thanksgiving, TDFB


07/09/2010 12:36PM
Thanksgiving Recipes
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