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The Best Song Ever! So Says Dogface

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03/02/2011 12:19PM
The Best Song Ever! So Says Dogface
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03/03/2011 11:21AM
Have you seen how many dislikes this has on youtube vs how many likes? As of Right now 974 likes, 14,641 dislikes Less than 1% of the people who have heard it dislike it. .067% approval rate to be exact.
03/02/2011 4:51PM
I hope she hasn't quit her day job....her singing sucks, swishes, gargles AND swallows. I don't care how hot she is.....Kim Kardashian and microphones should be mutually exclusive ideas.
03/02/2011 5:52PM
Graham Kraqer
You guys need to check out this page. 25 Most Cleavagey Women in Tv history. It's right up your alley:
03/04/2011 1:04PM
This is not a good sounding song. She claims she was doing it "for fun" but to listen to this song, she wasn't enjoying it much. It is completely monotone. There is no passion in her voice. Hell, I cant even hear anything that suggests she was even interested in what she was doing. She just drones on and on. She should just do what she actually enjoys, rather than jumping on the "If I'm famous I should have my own album" band wagon.
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