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The Friday Frenzy is back!!!

After years of censorship, I'm bringin' back the Friday Frenzy. Screw corporate, screw censorship...I'm doin' it! Hope you enjoy it....Friday Frenzy at Noon on Fridays.

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02/14/2013 3:19PM
The Friday Frenzy is back!!!
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03/08/2013 11:50PM
Song heard on Friday Frenzy
Anyone know the song that played around noon on Friday that started off with a U2 sound/lyrics? I believe it had "all damn day" in the song?
07/19/2013 12:01AM
all damn day
Song by the Okra Pickles called "All Damn Day" Miss those guys and the parties at the Boardwalk. The good ol' days.
07/19/2013 12:06AM
okra pickles
Show the okra pickles more love. Let's hear some handicapped women or blue green or the fishing song. Those guys were a great sac town band and good friends of mine. Thanks, Hickstock Trevor
09/03/2013 11:17PM
help me remember a friday freenzy song
Im trying to remember the song about I think her name was Rosie she rolled joints so fast and the dude who tried to out do her please play it or tell me who its by and what is the name of it. Thanks so much for all the laughs.
02/14/2014 9:21PM
I've got a girl???
One eye...a bunch of one membered women!!! Lol! It was great today! Keep it up!
03/20/2014 4:00PM
lake side trailer park
One of my favorite frenzy songs! But who sing it?
11/16/2014 7:44PM
Friday Frenzy
how can u find these songs
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