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The Great Tree Off

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06/22/2010 1:07PM
The Great Tree Off
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12/08/2010 12:50PM
St. Nick
Dog, your tree looks like a post card. Joe, your bush leans to the right. The train and star are cool though.
12/08/2010 12:58PM
Y is joes tree falling over? And red on the bottom and white onto? Stent u supposed to mix the colors???
12/08/2010 12:58PM
Joe thats the schiznit!
12/08/2010 1:00PM
Dog's tree is okay but a REAL Christmas tree has a star on the top. The train around the bottom of Joe's tree seals the deal...Joe's tree looks the best.
12/08/2010 1:02PM
Dog's offering doesn't look like a tree. It's too symetrical; fake.
12/08/2010 1:16PM
Clearly and obviously, Dog's tree looks the best, in a cold, professional kinda way. But Joe's tree reminds me of how our family tree looked after 3 kids got to it, while I was growing up!
12/08/2010 1:18PM
Oh, and I friggin' LOVE you guys!
12/08/2010 1:58PM
Both are pretty sweet ! Happy Holidays Brothers !
12/08/2010 2:44PM
Dog's tree looks great! Joe, did you decorate while drinking.. JK, luvin the star...
12/08/2010 5:28PM
When I heard you 2 on the raido, I was really rooting for you, Joe. But I had to vote fair. Dog, your tree is beautiful, Joe,it does lean to the right. But I love the train. Either way, if it brings you joy, that is the important thing, right. Joe, Wishes for a wonderful season, this is your son's first Christmas!! Congratulations!
12/08/2010 7:01PM
Yeah both look great. Joe's by a pubic hair just because there's a little more color in it. But damn, both are impressive~!
12/09/2010 11:51AM
I think joes is better cuz it's more of a one of a kind tree the way the lights are. Instead of intertwining them jus set them on there. The train adds more to the cheerful Xmas time. Even if it is leaning alittle bit
12/09/2010 3:06PM
Peter North
Dog's tree looks great, no question about it. But Joe's has that "je ne sais quoi" that can't be quantified (which is why I voted for it!). Dog's ought to be photographed under lower light conditions for a better comparison. The white walls give the photo (and the tree) a cold feel. Christmas trees are like orgasms: each one is unique unto itself, but they're all fantastic. Take it from me. No, I mean take it!
12/16/2010 11:23AM
I voted for Joe's because he actually made it. I still love you Dog, just had to go with Joe's. His is unique and looks like he tried hard on it. Dog's looks like i could find it in Hallmark haha. Love listening to you guys. Yor the best.
12/16/2010 4:17PM
Joe's tree has down syndrom, craig's tree is your brain,joe's tree is your brain on DRUGS
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