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To Serve and Erect


06/23/2010 1:10PM
To Serve and Erect
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06/24/2010 10:23AM
Dog Lover
I have to say that I listen to Dog and Joe almost every day and I've just bitten my tongue all the prior times that Dog makes comments about dogs. This time however - I have to comment. ENOUGH about Joe putting his dog down! I understand that Dog had an issue with a dog as a youngster, but since he has decided to now own a dog - he should have more compassion. SHUT THE F@#* UP ABOUT PUTTING DOGS DOWN!!!! Would you put your kid down if he had a seizure??? F@#* NO YOU WOULDN'T. If I was Joe, I would haul off and punch you in the F@#*@#* FACE next time you say something like that. Next time I hear Dog go off about that topic - I'm switching my radio station and NEVER switching back.
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