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Tribe in New Guinea Meeting White Men for the First Time

This is amazing:  Someone uploaded a video to YouTube that shows a tribe from New Guinea encountering white men for the first time . . . and they're absolutely terrified.  According to the video, it was shot in 1976. The tribe is so suspicious of them, they actually try to wipe the white off of one guy's skin.  Then he shows them a box of matches, and they bring him to their village, where the women seem even MORE suspicious. The best parts are when he shows them more equipment, like a spoon and a machete.  But they're most shocked by his little handheld mirror. The end of the video is great too, because the background music cuts out, and it shows one of the tribesmen listening to his own voice on a handheld tape recorder.  The whole thing is 15 minutes long, but it's worth it. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]


06/24/2011 5:19AM
Tribe in New Guinea Meeting White Men for the First Time
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