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Us With Sammy Hagar


03/25/2011 3:29PM
Us With Sammy Hagar
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03/26/2011 4:31AM
Ed R
Dammit I can't figure out how to hear the interview. Anyway, I do not allow Rob, Arnie and Dawn to be heard on the jobsite, yep they have turned me to country music in the mornings, been that way for 13 years or so. They have ruined the whole idea of going to work getting in some laughs and getting pumped up for the day with heavy metal music. It's going to be a great day when they are fired and you two take over the morning show and bring back the American youth, to become hard workers again. Now to go back and figure out how to hear the interview. You guys are great,I really enjoy your show, also, both the kids and I really enjoyed the book signing, my 10 year old daughter said she 's not washing her hand. Have a great future, Ed
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