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What would've happened if Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath got together for a recording session 38 years ago? Find out here... Wax_Audio_01_Whole_Lotta_Sabbath


09/28/2010 9:47AM
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09/28/2010 3:27PM
I dont know if its you or one of your producers that creates these but your on to something big Please keep it up. I also like the James Adams or the Brian Hetfield Song but for some reson I cant find it on your blog . Could you help A Ninja Out? Hellbilly
09/29/2010 6:16AM
I love the mashup of ZEPPELIN/SABBATH I would so buy the CD... Hey P.M. you know I tune in to A.M. station and every year they raise money for cancer, well they have a humorist that makes up really funny tracks that completely roasts the staff and the news of the day at this time of the year he puts together a C.D. of his we could call'em a type of mush up. I think that would be fun, once a year put together a mash up C.D. of that years mush ups to raise up money for something like saving the TATAS. Just a thought I tune in everyday I love your show and the KRXQ staff you guys and gals ROCK.
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