Thrill's Big Brown Blog Takes It All Off

June 13, 2017



The inspiration for the question came via an over abundance of stories that involved nudity. We only selected a few stories for our 'set up', but there's no shortage of 'naked headlines'. Go ahead, open Google and type in "naked man" or "naked woman" and look at all of the glorious news stories that pop up.

That's the thing about nudity; there's absolutely nothing wrong with it...unless it's unexpected or out of place. Then nudity just makes things awkward. And memorable. And possibly disturbing or funny.  

Think about it; going to the grocery store, going for a jog, riding the bus, sitting at a restaurant...all of these things are pretty mundane activities. Do any one of them naked and 'voila', these activities become an issue. It's just that easy.  

Yeah, so we asked you about the awkward nakedness and you delivered. I just wanted to share with you a few of the more memorable tales we heard today:

PENILE FORMAGE: Young woman worked at a restaurant and had to get something from the walk-in cooler. Imagine her surprise when she opened the door and found a coworker masturbating.

What makes this scenario even more awkward was the fact that the guy who was masturbating had wrapped his penis in American cheese.."Murca!  F**k yeah!"

GAM-GAM THE PATRIOT: A dutiful man agreed to help his grandmother downsize. About 15 minutes into it he stumbled upon a photograph. The photograph depicted his 'nana' tied naked to a flag pole. And for whatever reason, a bunch of other people were all around her. (???)   

GERIATRIC LOVE CONNECTION: It was this story that took the proverbial cake. In this case, a guy was about 11 years old when he walked in on 'nana' and 'gramps' getting it on. That's bad enough...a permanent mental scar...but it was even worse.

In this case, he made the discovery that grandpa enjoys being sodomized...and he learned this because his grandmother had a strap-on and was thrusting her hips while grandpa loved it.

Let that sink in.  

I'll leave you with that. You're welcome.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!