M-F 3p-7p

Writing a bio is weird. So I asked everyone I know to say one word that best describes me. Here’s that list…

“I don’t have time for this.”

And there you have it. Listen to me weekdays from 3 – 7

 Just kidding……

I’m from Cleveland and I love it. Yes it’s kind of a dumpy little city but it’s gotten better and continues to get better so f*ck off.

I was 7 when I realized I wanted to be on the radio. Worst decision of my life.

I’ve worked In Cleveland, Boston, NYC and Sac.  Sacramento is my favorite.  No seriously I really do love it here, there’s nothing better than walking outside and literally cooking yourself.

I like old scotch, smelly weed, artistic tattoos and good music. Politics are my sports and I’m an equal opportunity offender. I never get enough sleep yet I can sleep anywhere. I work too much, read too much and think too much. 

If we ever meet, I’m not really pissed off… that’s just my face.