27 Days of Christmas – Stacey Wishes To Give Her Colorblind Students Color Correction Glasses

Wednesday, November 22nd


We granted Stacey's wish to give her colorblind students color correction glasses thanks to our friends at Vista Point Eye Care!

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It's 47 days of Christmas ramadi Iraq in clusters on the Mikey any in clusters of the First Lady named Stacey hi Stacey. Need. Stacy who we got your wish and hey since you're science teacher what grade do you teach. I ain't seen gentlemen Jenny I'm in 1912 creaky cheered. And my students that are in my biology Christ our attempt telecommuters. And you and fiercer and so you've got a couple of students according to wish that are colorblind. Now can they see any color is or isn't just everything black or white. And one man band but. These. Yeah I did I am hearing a lot. Okay. I rule you view year old that this is very personal for you. Because you're your dad was colorblind in your five year old son is showing signs of color blindness. Oh what does that mean like how do you know that. They're human anyway because I can't get. I don't know what she I don't know what you're hearing bud I'm sorry about that everything that carries a better now my chances. That are better. Okay what exactly are these and chrome the glasses you're wishing for. Yeah I'm there color correct says glass says so that allow my chin to see the colors that they don't seem naturally. And bad I've got to shoot and they both have different color blind yes one of I could go to and and the other ones like a pro am making a plot of land. And so they're they're cute different I'm color blind. What does that what does that mean does that so we want questions you miss him we just think it's Pickens can you see any color is there is everything. The time that they can piece star Michael for one man and Chris Mack is pretty gray. He doesn't see red and green out loud I'm the other one is more. Blues. And reds I think. And me and you listen you also rode in this is some you probably in here for your enough booster but you'll throw that this is personal view because you see your dad is colorblind. And you and your five year old son is showing signs of color blindness or how I wanted to know how does that how do you know that. I mean I'm talking about colors I would imagine. Dad talking to my Panama colors you know helmet scholars. You know Cadillac Kamal what color ethnic Albanian along college aged. But let me back I'm our pediatrician made the that you know really besieged. They're not supposed to know all their colors. And so it can be and I'm definitely you know keeping an eye on the money at teachers smell as well just. You know the asks they're entered coloring MP John. You know be aware that he could possibly because unlike my father except can be carrier. Okay as they see you wish to get both of your color blind students impaired in Koroma. Classes for indoor use and out or he is our friend our friends and missed the point I Karen Rosen bill. I'm going to give them to give both your students eye exams and fitted for a pair of in from a pluses. Oh my god as Don Meehan vein I'm so happy for that and they are such a debt Greg guy is and you know they don't let Annie I says there ain't doing really well. And they definitely deserve that attack just I mean think being cute kinky being you know. Get them apparently in chrome and glass is that can be used both indoors and outdoor Stacy. Well I cannot complete. I thought they they can only out. You know one that was indoors and when I was outdoors but that's amusing that they have won when they can do about. I missed the point I care is gonna take care than you know we and we appreciate you sending this was obviously means a lot to you. And and any time teacher wants to know about their students we definitely want to help out too so thank you Stacy. Thank you so I think Cuba back. No he has absolutely Stacey stay alive and we're gonna get you out of the producers can tell you more information and they do really dangerous till Monday for for making this happen they're the ones that that are huge part of all actually believed gosh this is this everywhere some got a real hope that our retail.