Ask Robs' Lawyer 4-20-17 part 2

Thursday, April 20th


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Love anybody you don't show on 98 rock. They are execute. And dawn. You left or listen on the. My attorney Kevin Healy is here for. Ballroom dancing your question isn't paid 999 mile an email or indeed the red radio dot com Roger go ahead. Our guys are the other question regarding very potent situation. I think I'm renting a place I least irons to a month and we got some problems are we betting. Two birdies are complaining because we don't Chet Florida new first and last as we did have to move out. The first problem is we haven't had she been through. Almost a year now we complained once they got to come out he fixed it it broke again. And we had a personal friend and we're treating another place I'm out. He said it's basically two old you know after Plaistow whole system so we didn't craft side. And then we also don't have any smoke detectors in the house sorry we have an electrical fire recently which flows. Pretty much had enough of any way to recoup some rent there's something that we have to have a safety net depleted our need to look up. Classics awards story. He's since the sounds awful. But. It's generally. Self help the president is referred to Islam is just Faber didn't wonderful law. But don't industries you're dealing with isn't beyond you know withholding some brand for inconvenience or something more doubt. I would say if you haven't already should call love and compliance and enforcement division to some people out there inspect the place for had a million. It sounds like you're not even being provided how horrible process. Which is required under the law. So it seems and sounds and even without knowing more of your landlord is not even. Providing even the bare minimum. What's called for under. Buster here please span. Requirements so we're Russia he should be paying your friends at all. So what happens then if he can he takes that step does the landlord then because it sounds like he's a great guy take retaliatory steps does that in the callers worried is he says I don't I don't I can't move I don't parents to money and I don't have first and last and that's exactly right or month to month now so the good landlords say get out of my house to leave. Well then there are just educate our landlord saying a word because we don't want to get kicked out right. Fellini delivers somewhere you have you don't have to suck up conditions like that I mean you know if you don't pay ransom your media with a three day notice it's. Pay your. But then if you don't land. And unlawful singer action. That's when you present your side of the story to the court then I shouldn't be forced to move out. I didn't pay rent because of these circumstances them more hearing is incredibly sympathetic so he's OK so he he serves its three day notice. And on days or they're still there. He has to get the law to remove them credit does he doesn't get to come over and say is my house get off my property just not how works now so that's where you get drug in the court and that's what you want right and there. Okay so you're you'd essentially shifting the burden on the glamorous a year ago we're not leaving go ahead and sue. Mirawi tweaks to our side kind of thanks. Doesn't sound like that would be ideal situation slam or. So but what if it's day four and that hasn't been filed yet right. Candidate sheriff's Mayhew leave and now they have nowhere to live while they're waiting for the court dates or that they can stay there. I am leading up to the court and through all the process shares can come out and dragged people outside. If I I'm not turn India but she stopped. I'm our landlords are legally required to provide you with heat indictment does your house have to have heat. I've because it's I know like when I was of them and when I was renting our heater broke. And we have but we have fireplace. So. I don't know what am I know when I was rating places with say happy you know central heat Mayer. Batted. Though if die as a requirement that they have town centrally mayor. While it does not to be central but they're they're used to be some sort of climate control makes the process. Princess went away and even even a song called force specifically a little east under the law. They're supposed to provide habitable. Pharmacists so could they give one of those like plug in years and say hey this is here heat and held Y enabled at the birthplace of furnace. They could down so we've probably reaching the lead sound that would at least be a good step right yeah. And that felt sorry for those last caller. What allows something like squatters rights would they be able to end I don't know he is somebody went after. I am not familiar with squatters rights. Him I mean for talking marks an adverse possession. Scenario war. I'm where it's kind of like we've been here and he. You've known as fan. Barrel while so you you know lost or deluded so rewrites. That's as we apply resolve these circumstances kicked over to a month to month called straight that's we now offer our. As much freedom legal advice as we can we do want to point out the main reason Kevin's back. Is that his law firm you all group is the official sponsor cosponsor presenting sponsor presenting sponsor. Of the make a wish north eastern California and northern Nevada signature event called wine and wishes. Good which has become the premier wine and food taste in men Sacramento I. I don't want gloss over by just assume everybody knows and make wishes this is this I would hope so amazing organization has grants wishes to six sometimes die and all those machines statistics about. The misconception. That they only do wishes for terminally ill children that's not true. On the fact 75% of the children survive and live longer healthier lives but they're gone through these horrible processing is sometimes they wanna be mad man her. If they beat their biggest celebrity fan are you know some go to Disneyland or whatever so. Obviously they need money to grant those wishes are they put on fun events they don't just gods and you remove any sense so the wind the and wishes event. Is not this Saturday but next Saturday it's gonna start at 5 o'clock AMD Sacramento convention center but then we move. Over the Hyatt where the evening continues I'll say this and there's going to be that's. First of all before any dinners tastings from a hundred top restaurants renowned winery is breweries mile experience from my dad was under any it does not just wanting to its own player on only one OK but it's all liquor critic gigs if you wanna get drinking and drugs. Chris is seven and exit or. And but they don't spritz there. It's it's a black tie optional event Kevin's making me dress up like a penguin suit I'll have. All those Blair is lady gives its black tie out Chelsea showed looking nice Jim and I when he won an older cousins all liquor there. You go to any California dot wish dot org to get say it's. And four other big event which is a week from this Saturday how do you get involved with this. Oh I don't know I knew I thought oh. Some charitable organizations in town they got my attention make wishes always make one. Man I contacted their CEO. Jennifer solo I'm I'm Michelle foot and I believe Russell when Michelle first and met with them and wonderful people beautifully run organization of the chapter anywhere is. Just follow the placement agency were. There's there is only if there are only five wish centers I think it's five in the nation soccer and I'd. Studies so you get location open north Sacramento emissary and they have all process the kids go through a six figure out what kind of wish they want. Isn't it calm I had actually cut. The two were short about fifteen minutes into it I said you know there's there's no immediate truce without cries. I played very it sits on its own thing. So. I know sort of talking about their big event this is our thirtieth anniversary of the wanna wishes and am so. It's a big thing how lots. Slowly since quite the man because they believe it's not just dinner because so you just buy your tickets and that money helps then there's other ways you help spread all while you're there. Promotions is world renowned artist David Garibaldi is going to be there. He was a the last event that we did. And and and both Kevin and I am one of those things. On the auction that off I'm in the vendors and executive chef dinner afterwards and some of the options utterly silent auctions they do live auctions I was just looking at some of them. There's I'm an auction for an event for UN nine guests. To go to Napa go to friends family vineyards and have Chardonnay and lobster. I don't there's there you can also bid on a three night stay in Vegas. Do you stay at the Renaissance that's not that's not even though the start of a year round trip air travel for two of the you spend your three day is going to the racetrack and driving. Our reason Lamborghini wore black. I'll tell us now with. Our own that was on my list and you know. Soon he's technically and pain referral lose so what are you get. An alias. That's a any California dot wish dot org or other one which is a man is a week from this. Saturday I also added these. Event page on our FaceBook page says he. FaceBook dot com slash real red radio just got a rap radio dot com could go to our FaceBook page you can get all the details times all that stuff. And if I may erode real briefly in my in my favorite fitness place. These are you O. Lot of hey I'm an old man what do. It may serve on those hot line. The way it. I.'s friends when he comes in Delhi to see your opponent and a tonight we graciously agreed to see you. Offer a heavy metal hard or easy night. Yes that's sandlot heavy metal yoga and they're doing this applies now to USS and passed yes agreed and I. I don't I don't consider most reasonably players on my thing and I convinced them to so what we need to your playlist so. Some more motivating musicals say. They are donating all of the profits to make a wishful. That's not aware that this tonight where is it well financed peace treaty midtown between twenty and 21 and. It's a fire her class back to 888989911. Questions for Kevin usually you longer either Viktor. Go ahead. Yeah I'm sure Clinton on the other side of the phone vanity thing I. Own my home Elizabeth playing. Well I confirmed the one. I'm served five years have been due to mess how much can the Internet every Arabs. Details are few months. I'm started on the right path both know you're back gunmen then bringing drugs into my house. And stolen from me and his brother. So what I'm wondering is. I'm T. Jimmy can know he volunteered to leave last night. But what I'm wondering just how long does he have to leave the court can legally of what came out of Dallas. So you have to do an eviction notice they would do. Did establish residency right and not the issue one that. Those are the facts you guys yeah unless he is on a lease or must he song title to the home. He's not entitled saying you're right season there is your guests. So again unless there's things are contractor title. And asked him to leave at any time a few dozen. Becomes a trespasser absolutely need for a good news follow up to you it's your cars are so it didn't we just got a quick email alert during the break from Mitt. Who asked when does a gas to become a sub tenant or ten in the your answer is never so the idea. There are guest and they they won't leave because I just I've heard and maybe through TV then well they stare long and they're getting their mail lair. They just today you got into share to get him around is that not true. I'm sure they did that help you. That's welcome ambassador sheriff about removing him from the house and they should know that there's nothing I can do it had to get a thirty day eviction notice even though he had to know. I don't know Brent contract or anything. Well let's all do anything about it yeah. With all due respect to the boys in blue state they don't know much about the law. Out their duties and responsibilities. And they do not interpret the law group. No discretion when it comes from a law. Most often times didn't whatever they say is not. Always reliable all say. This is not true if if he doesn't have a legal right to be there he's a trespass or is that something how does he compel the sheriff's department then to follow through. I would convince the sheriff's department that he is a safety risk. If he's bringing drugs in the back home defeat stealing if he strung out on math please obviously he's dangerous and he's he's breaking the law. Ask you think they wanna get the guy in just for the missing or media made by you look at I mean very hard you just feel like they're more important things to do and it's a family squabble they don't want your Malden fears though OK so if there let's let's this. This real quick you know move on the next one if if if dad hasn't mentioned the math. There's really mess from the home. And dad calls the sheriff says he's my son has methanol and come get them. If they take in man. He goes he gets arrested overnight at least that has every right and to change locks chirp and now a the kid and to try to make some claim he has a right to the house dad and asked the kids run the drugstore for cigarettes in chains and locks. I need more time and that's not a morning the locksmith photograph please be struck out greens extracted a long way. Hello Brady go ahead. Used to slash Saturday I was growing older guy in college world knows Robin I was Robby well I was wondering if there's you become a liability on the pushing us forward. Well the media world. Yeah I want you do after very concisely. A big one man. The short answer is we may be mister C know we knew or should have known. There was a risk robbery ends robbery and some liabilities plus. If you were staying married then they. You know bear responsibility to provide a safe environment. I'm sorry it didn't do more you're looking for there is what's the casino somehow negligent. And allowing this robbery take place was sort of security. Today was this guy walked around you know firms. Two hours Robbie everyone should have been stopped after five minutes very just depends depends on the scenario to guide literally walking in from off the streets and and yes there's security but there's not a guarded every door and pulls out a gun. Any stars Robin people many runs out that might be buyer beware stuff more. Are invited to you know there are metal detectors for instance imagine the loss when the gun went through then you can do. Are you casinos got a problem because most golfers detectors hello John good morning. That's my question about potentially allow our bicycle I know it is this same as old as your car. And it just find a different from riding in car camera is Boeing tries to define. My friend I'm sorry I have no idea. A flurry of Iran is so I still follow in law. The roads are doing William and they want to start would miss yeah I think you know god bless you for wanting to Sebelius likely that there are laughing at you guys are above the law somehow in my. Opinion and you riding a bicycle an entire. Eckstein had the same time because you actually need volunteers remedies to ride a bicycle but at an end but also in my experience I learned. If you are drinking and riding a bicycle you can still be convicted and do you why ask themselves why I think that. The most is those laws may apply if you are caught doing those things. We get we get all those wacky stories we don't read a movie we don't people are yours getting. Are cyclists track there's I'll be doing a whole lot as well I just don't I don't know that they would I don't know if they. Pulled over a cyclist for some reason found him drunk he'd go okay ride home I you know I don't know I don't get caught just don't know anymore I swear I got this. And all those cyclists take in Vegas. Drug costs and global trust. Hypothetical. Oh this story but I mean he's specifics aren't and so do I know 5% and in my whoa wait a minute why do I always wanted to throw out of a best scenario for you and be as specific as possible and to sit. Get I think it's very relatable and I think a lot of I know a lot of people experienced this hypothetical. And they get very mad and they wanna know what they can do but then they go it's just a giant system I'm screwed kind of gets. So let's pretend. Hypothetically you're going on vacation for a week maybe for spring break last time that. Relatable Rex forget them ready and so hopefully at some time unless you're going there's the age of consent is eighteen. Oh yeah all right yeah I am always checked before. Hi sold your and you fly somewhere I said I'd be specific I'm sorry to fly to Dallas got in so you decide. An easy and let's just say human Sacramento does your face mask. Honestly. Designing easy on everyone involved you're going to park your big beautiful black pickup trucks. And I guess he's there. That's why I don't wanna I don't want Kevin and like I need more grain of salt trucks matter that's true bonds are you reside market at these Sacramento international airport in their and he can he do it in their nice around the new garage yeah yeah and the economy parking and I love parking and I let's just say hypothetically you're doing pretty well on lighting you can afford to pay whatever it is I'm seventeen dollars and then it's it's very specific. So that's right well you that you are. And and you get out your truck can you go to your you take your bags and every song and you know he plane you fly to Dallas and then. Let's say you left on Friday. And then the following Wednesday while you're in Dallas you're checking your emails because there are responsible business owner may be easier to stay in touch just can't completely disconnect from the world right yeah. Need an email from your car insurance company. With a clean number sane we've opened a claim on your loss for what is the person you usually shares not a scam. Okay now is really my injured I'd surely your insurance company does. So you contact your. Car insurance agent Gary or its agent and you just emailed over an area and you say what the hell paid daddy. And is that what the hell is this I'm on vacation in IP and that's where you're right I'm on every time on occasion Dallas site and it. And and you explain where your car is and everything and and I don't know what is back. So Debbie insurance agent. Contacts you and says. Well I called them and I gave the claim number and all that and someone. Has opened up a claim on your vehicle costs saying that you hit ma'am why. Ol and on and you left a note. But when you left the note you didn't even your personal information you just left a note and I edit it in this scenario you haven't seen the note yet. And you basically since I'm like sorry about your car. And then they looked at your truck in this scenario on your trucks damaged is what they're claiming is a leading your license plate information and that's how they find out. Your insurance company is and a low and they file this plane and and they and and they are saying that it's the the right. I saw the drivers rear side is these days. And I and they didn't in this area wherever you are this you're going wow that's really weird because you remember when you parks. It was a right turn you know the one way things. And the airport the right turn into diagonal spot. They think and how would how would you damage. You're right your cat your driver's side rear panel and happy you that would be really hard turned to damage caught in the wrong way. Yeah I'd say I don't know so so you say that's your insurance agencies and she says well Debbie says. You know let's let's don't get pictures when he Bakken and also UBS. I kind of wait here Greg has turned out so you come back home. And you go to that you go out of parking garage in your bags not knowing what you're gonna find currencies sure enough. You've got you've got I didn't. You hear in your be your driver's side right in front of the rear wheel well dammit he's got a damp. Right behind the re earth. At the wheel well on the driver's side. And remember it was a right turn into the park just like your front. Passenger side is dancing. And and with the same color paint Smart. Guy. So now you're going wait a minute this is there's no possible way for anyone's. Thought he did. How did it Tuesday and so. Through all list your insurance agent who says. I don't even know to tell you that's crazy and she says this sounds like somebody played bumper cars with your car now they're trying to blame you as she's trying to get there and that a copy of the note because it you know it's not gonna match your handwriting think. This area and a lot to do was hit neurons and parking garage incidents and things like that. This is clearly this person is clearly Indian truck somebody's trying to shakedown is insurance company they can't. So I this person they need to get their truck fixed. There I either have to go through their insurance company or in this scenario are you stuck because almost went on to same okay the insurance companies have to fight over. Or is there another recourse if you have hypothetically if that was the longest hour. And he does not an impossible to tell us. Well. When it comes to your I mean the person's problem yeah. Me and I I think your didn't move legal cause on the air so talk to relay here 'cause like for free it's partially think big. Feature relatable stories and for some reason right Aussie Alicia mussina and wolf Wall Street comes to mind when you don't lose query we. Many out. And the next morning right you think he drove in the next morning news. Soul yeah I mean there's no assurance fraud going on obviously. I it did indeed. What. The armored truck. And he would need to start with only showed that they're truck was parked there and he was I. Are merely use out of town because. We know for all we know maybe the truck was taken the first George Ryan Garrett green we don't know that incumbent unlikely turn them. I'm so you got your parking ticket and you got pictures of in part there is bad enough to show us your cameras to homeownership. Is there still is just you know there's two of them and they don't cover this area that's already been. My god. I already been furiously. Adjudicated if you will not show these cameras could be used suit shows the truck was not take your first order could be. So that the truck was removed while the person was out of town. And bigger. Batted pretty messy insurance companies from my mean. Claim is you bar compare you run a town you can move it if you didn't do anything. Then there's somebody else didn't. Pain he. Six and truck do you do with it and the and it and it shouldn't be it shouldn't be in Dane on that person's insurance side and that that's unfair insurance agency get done kind of drive daddy I'm just saying that you can you tell them we're not paying our deductible on this isn't a plane crash. Hypothetical I aesthetically yeah. I want to make that again given name I mean for all I know right when I was taught when I was trading this scenario prying into the one thing Kevin would say as women and you know the insurance agency that's. I'm finishing hypothetical though thank you Bob phone numbers 888989911. For your. Possible situations it'll be relatable Jane go ahead. Jamie around you. They rob you Jane playing attain my name analysis hot topic had a chance I damned good morning. Well okay I. I'm totally into what you're talking about I wish I was a little number here to go ahead of us that if they're loaded golf central and originators. Your parents agents tell which I prefer 500 already seen it out. To me and nobody got me. But I had a 500 dollar deductible. I was unable to come up with a 500 dollar deductible because a lot of Rudolph's. So therefore adoptive parents and I just couldn't even the matter how long you've lost it. And this year we found out there aren't. This state and at unclaimed property as well you know the character of wish my name on it reported 500 all reporters Lance. There had to file for us and our confidence that the money. They suggest this new legitimacy it will be several weeks. I got my characters per exactly how awful between 540 dollars. So I called the left liberalism without Communists and always into the upper body give me. I'm wondering. I wanted to and they did this money for nothing they didn't do anything. She's she's behind Maung win there's no there there are mama companies on how that money go you should didn't call or write a letter and tell Mel. Coughing up and if they don't take him smoked clear that it. Nursery really strained my parent. 08 eat. I did not edit and they're hypothetical. Yes yeah. Yeah I'm not going to Jackie there. And get mad and fortunately. That hypothetical. Situation. Would be counted them out all the action and. Solo so the president is isn't it isn't because that is is it because he said she said thing there's a there's another person who filed the claim not me. They're the ones that started as they are clearly the ones that are that are run on this scam that you wouldn't go out in and go after them when you saw the truck and so clearly impossible. They're cute separate thing so I'm good I am I getting an event to go back because the nrgreen not to pay your deductible. I have to be a comprehensive play him. Which is pretty much. After a five welfare. Fled that's. Backpack that better than that is in love thirty somebody out all pretty active and they hit you. Then your behavior to add the balls are getting reimbursed after it beat bill their insurance that is. Karen was my insurance agent and this is what you know looking and she was telling you decide you on the call Kevin would you go oh yeah around your street. No I'd say McCarron thanks for. Adds up America in my guidance here however there is not a fraud here. Right so what are. Fly and the other person didn't cause. Right but yeah she just identified two criteria under which you would not their deductible first isn't total disbelief as purses are safe. Tough phone numbers 8889899. Elevenths yeah and and they are trying to extort money from yes sure he's got enough from hypothetically the driver of the truck there that I think and play as well. However writing what I was thinking you've been on an hypothetical you there were new like one side of the truck was Derek Jeter some Iranians who have dominated this story about how. And right but the damage on both sides agreeing that seems to suggest that maybe there was an intentional act. Being conveyed more aid being middle finger or something you know something he needs of the individual I. Arriving at the person driving would have to have a target on hand more or or via public only Europe along fine I mean she. People would make you have to know where he works. I don't know where he drives to and from. I'll share lower as they break our phone numbers 8889899811. We're back. And dawn show.