Booze News/ DWTM 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th


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You done now. Call rock. Maybe had gone. Listen I'm. Changing your radio rant radio and comers. As you move all child abuse I know that sounds absurd and one doctor says it is limited conversation about it mom and a standing kind of all fell apart there at the end nest somehow dawn and Amanda made about Big Brother. CNN com Sarah ice success thank you rod for your voice to what many of us were thinking I had absolutely no clue what the hell little girls going on the and there's this week will fail. What just happened. Footballs and suddenly the hands start talking about Big Brother. Blanket. Remember this moment are you wanna hire another bucket of estrogen. Senate and bitter against us. I'm finally bring an inch or. Where are gonna lead is we're not gonna play any sports is gonna play. Yeah I mean assuming the play them. But we have tens of thousand people filling Arenas now to watch people play video game and they love it. Are they actually watching Larry their faces in their own silicon. And then this is disturbing from Pedro de Pedro. Does that makes it says about Brant what brand was saying about. Our god may be holes that's why not let's get to a special edition of drinking with the match. Sending your recipes. And I on the theory that the rest of the online and have some fun in the new guys all while you're still do and as we love this you're still going out having fun on the weekend take a picture yourself. Email also the hash tag drink can take each unit may post little fun collages advisories have been fun over the weekend we pressed pause on this segment. One brand and declared a sobriety over a hundred days ago I appreciate that is solidarity with them. And I did ask Brandon today if you be comfortable that's doing a special addition because there's a special reason you have less fortunate that I yeah. A quick story of Lou. This guy we all know when we're drunk or stupid. Oh god yes we make bad decisions all all and they act and the logic never make sense. If you've ever been sober around drunk person you know you can not let him go you really think this makes sensitive yeah. A lot of my favorite times of being the sober person. Is up one of robs companies or I would say overt Ali all working just let them do. I embarrassed him you do there I don't know how much do they. I'm like oh my god then you can also become part of your servers you can also see where to go yeah. And it's time ago and there is not an easy match. And John's this guy may are truly the logic jumps you can only make when you're drum. 44 year old Shawn McCullough of paper tonight Pennsylvania personally got drunk and decided to drive down down. Dumb but it is a logic jump that you make when your drunk I can and I am as well look as well look. There are okay now as always for lions or he isn't there are. Our guys and sometimes you make that decision and you realize. This was a bad idea. Yeah so good for him in this sense he realized he was too hammered to drive always on the road. So he decides I need a safe place to park and taken out or hit it OK I mean that's you know within you're drunk moral magic map. There's no what I did want to pay me this and I was like my early twenties and I talked about a week and had probably numerous do you wise it's not something we're proud that. This isn't something I've never judged because it can easily happen I mean. I remember once I really thought I was dead I remember you know I Greg Hays and really didn't I got on the road and I realized. Oh my god I'm not in this site. 3 in the morning in a lot of people out. And see this guy had the sensible earned sleep I started driving faster so I can get home quicker got drunk and. On this road on budget just like Ole miss him still. This UK so this. I need he has the as did move the wherewithal to say I need to get off the road but here's where it is logical where's the safest place he could go up. Too so that so that he can sleep. Station I hope all got who cuts. A guy Sean headed to the nearest police he actually went out of his way to drive drunk juniors police station and because he's drawn. He drove across their grass. And the sidewalk although. Oh do although the police report does say he pulled perfectly into the apart spot pulled glued. An axis of scars you know of course while all this is happening there are police they see him driving across their long that's it's funny here at the puppy stage you're like really they come outside easy until he tells them he has quote hammered by. Access turned. John had a little I have seen many mines. I need the Napoli told the guys ten gazillion easy Gianna blank did not galvanize. He says he says also letter and the police report says that he told the cops quote I wanted to be in a safe place while what's safe for the police say there. He was arrested. We haven't even safer place Soria. On the L there that's intriguing and maggots we have a variety of us through proxy students or zippers so our Internet radio dot com all of them actually in their own little way to go towards enjoying alcohol responsibly. If you want even the red barbecue right. Sir excuse that a little spice and bloody Mary if you want and other things we have the red espresso barbecue sauce browsers is well. Both of these things obviously were designed for cooking but. If you rules run some more refusals on bloody Mary Lou. Moon. We also of course have. The bloody Mary may calls Iran's president also he now. I'll answer the created during the dream in the maggots segment we have our own pickle juice on. That's harass or arrest we we spent months trying to perfected candidate is perfect I use it as a back to whiskey shots or other things you know. All of those items can be should write your dorm or we have a ton of love wonderful local. Lenders in the northern and California northern Nevada area they're all listed in the student store superstore red radio dot com and one of the original parts of the feature was. One of my friends and told me about a product called not your father's routier's. And I look demise and adds dumps. Are your child's. And then I was out and my girlfriend at the time was trading root beer and ice at all. They might idiot friend told me that's okay you regular route here but let's try this is gonna send this he says did Vince. Odd and then I had we are blown away as I got my got a taste just like repaired and has five down. And alcohol had been and that kind of springboard and not your father's products they have not your father's root beer they are not your father's ginger are still your favorite Amanda. Yeah. Really liked than Manila. The other why not your volleys no premium. And then they are not your mother's side as well also they can you know do the usual sexist because like not your mom's apple pie of course. Soccer moms strawberry rhubarb I never tried that you've ever tried. And a guy alone I had an X and O is on its charter rhubarb pie and doesn't make and then yeah Sarah showed a Carol's got let's try that narrow bridge I wanna I wanna lose once is great if not your mom's ice that is. And our ads and will lead on my gosh so a man to man up whether or not your father's secret squirrel yesterday. And it's not their newest flavor we're sure gonna try live on the air and tell you now and look there is there's the it's like with not your father's root beer if you don't like root beer you're knocking on the products. All this is called not your father's mountain eagle which I understand is mound it. Idea they can't use. The the the brand name dad not not huge mound to family and but this doesn't taste like Mountain Dew and has 5% off a little slice and Gatorade. Look like Gary and end the squirrel advised you it's best over rights to. That's what he told me and so we actually froze it all morning and now we've served over rice but it's not like slushy or any solid side and here we go do not you. Yeah you know and drinking. And the short. I want a cigarette. Taste. It. That yeah yes Hayes story you really want a cigarette but I feel like after two or three would just be so sick from the sweeteners. I'm glad people listening and of. Over ice because it is so it's a good field because it is so sweet and does need it to be all right yeah I think out of the bottle and really get sick and and there's some flavor in there when it hits the tone it's not an aftertaste flavor but it's a little cucumber Reno nine Guinean. Timmy is Timmy I tasted almost is like escort. Like. You're like tort so that's where you know like you're so that we're so I had a guy and I had checked the but I am already starting to feel the enamel off my T. Here come I'm. I can taste I have a drink in the I mean the lesser than it was on vacation early took abusive or Murray got remember is there a while Von gal. No it does I may be my talent is a little. Better than your two Israel this weekend how Von and email us your pictures testing dragged into issued Ari you're glad you got. He's on show.