The Disintegration of Society

Monday, June 19th


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Ron Paul I guess if I had no worries in the world I'd probably be happy but I would never fulfilled my ten. I don't really pay. Shoots yes it does. Even ship's owner in my. 1 AM yeah. Get right to it we're gonna talk about the disintegration of society in both not just in America but in the how am I where I have bandied. Normally I'm an hour. I'm a minute I I'm an observer. Of society I hate society eight people like I could. I this is where I channel my inner George Carlin just part of the so I thought I. And radar guy I have seen I love watch Sheen people and humans okay. It's great because because I'd. I accept that were were lost species were pathetic were awful terrible trailer yet we're where we're just real. Sat her disease where are where you are a word disease is on the planet hunter all Khomeini as as Arlen said. We're going away folks yeah. So. Some of the things that I have been predicting. Or assuming what happened or happening in any. Faster rate well then I expected and I am. I think your kitty I'm joyful. Any Katy Jordan told joyous and so last week I don't know we now know that last week. Some idiot because the political discourse in America has gotten so toxic. Some idiot who is a in this particular case this is not to do me neither side because were all wrong and run. Some left wing whacko who volunteered for Bernie Sanders campaign which I personally don't blame Bernie Sanders at all crack heroin out and shot up. Try to shoot up a bunch Republicans shot us Steve's police. He's not just Steve. The house majority whip. Had he not been the majority whip there would have been no capitol police he probably would murdered. Twelve center. I wonder by the way. Quick call for a if we want reporting. On ten to twelve congressmen and senators murder simple. Guide how that's awful. Would anything change. Or would it feel like nine elevenths where for a week we pretended to give a crap. And then everything went back to normal yet that yeah that. I like to pretend that they give a crap and they really would be. Just wondering how did this is my imagination run wild scene and it likely GO on the show then you go about your life so I have been. Bad predicting I don't know I am not complaining I didn't on the air I don't know if I did but in my mind I'd been thinking. This is where we're headed and and to be completely candid. And with them the mainstream I thought some trumped jerk would be the first one. I thought at trump Nazi would be the first one to shoot somebody and. You know let me Melinda can I mean you. The other the other shot back and you know I really am I I X I expect to the other side I really did because of how violent they ban. Right they're supposed to be useful it will do is look we're all crazies so right now we're putting down the last dime so peaceful and so love being co exist. Always you don't agree with me I hate you I wanna throw me the stuff that that the photos I have seen. I'll do what they confiscate from these peaceful lugging co exist people. It's everything you can chills Olympics after I die and still I honestly was not surprised I'm surprised deep music done because our fighters was to be against guns appear. Love so that was confusing would want my vote on our position I got you okay so. So so but either way I expected this disintegration. So we had that last week and now all. I think. I'm Jason yeah. Powell and now we go to London which is apparently he can't put send her to. Everything horrible I know and we have had the opposite effect which. I predicted in my brain again items is on the radio don't right do you never said that showed up doesn't I had this is what I knew what was gonna happen. So in London in particular we have. Had. My my number is. Silly attacks within the last month. Islamic militants. Who are okay and and remember the new thing is they mow people down they get their vans they get their trucks in his run people over lawful and it. As is standard. Human behavior. How we react eventually we snapped. And we OK you're into that I mean do the same thing and so delicious as they watch the human species fall apart we've had it happen again. A band slammed into worshippers in London early this morning killing one person. And injuring ten other people in a deliberate attack on ones so remember the big thing is when Muslims exactly L all our. Oh apparently here's what anti Muslim people yell they yell. I want to tell slums. All the way to go moves so. Muslims. A radical Islamic terrorists yes they are attacking us yes that's what's attacking us and so we as stupid idiots say. Well we are not comfortable with how we're responding to the threat. So I don't drive abandon them and I just say until all Muslims and that's exactly what happened. 48 year old drive in the band but said he wanted to kill Muslims a group of people. Just left these fins Burry park mosque in North London shortly after midnight as part of hold hold Ramadan thing. Where there there about winding up. Ramadan during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan he followed. And these these people these people yeah. I witnessed a Abdul. I'm Mon. Hit the suspects as he got out of the man helps us do on other people him in the stomach punched him Hellman told the cops there so he's been arrested. These fins very park mosque. 9/11 did you miss seventeen years ago was associated with extremist ideology. But was shut down in the United States and reorganize and has not been associated with radical views for more than a decade but it doesn't matter decide to run a Z four. Not great. You know what he also can't talk about good grass sort of because what I'm about ready to say I you know what happened the audience is coming here. And I called to love everyone actually every phase as buddhists all of you're your your call to love and love every once. So look at what -- you wanna think but the thing that this may sound ignorant and then so you I may sound like wow you're just finding this out and yes I am. That's indeed the final you know life is that. Yeah I watch on CNN and the. And he has to show a united shades of America. And he is very heat heat. I have liberal views I conservative views on all over the place he is just liberal however I find him to show both sides. Wonderfully. Even though you know where she stands and I appreciate that with him and he. This show on in honor of Muslims and. I don't know why it took me awhile to watch because I just wasn't sure knowing she does present all sides. He did he just educated people and he got educated himself and the things so Manning about all of this for me is when you were saying that that van. Drove into a. Oscar now that I learned I learned I like wolf which sex did he decide to do so. Because again I know maybe you'd say the moment for you guys but I think for a lot of us citizen. So you know christianity. You were all Christian but all we've got Joseph hold only got Mormon and he got Catholic league got baptists we've got loose and ran right we've got all. All these different. He cries of christianity. All those those do until they have like a million of them they just branch shock like ours do. And one of the girls she's like you all want us to band together we can't even agree with each other like while that sounds like christianity we all can agree with each other within our Christian believes. She's like what one. What are we gonna like world sing and they're dared. They're not a mistake it's like to meet its first understanding. We just think it's no big group and they all believe the same vein and the or all of the same mindset. And I had it it's very similar. When you put them side by side to how we break there are things and our Bible that are of very vengeful and mean and rotten as well I don't know the tram had a read the strand. When I hear people talk about the grand they're convinced that. All Muslims. Are geared to take over and kill all of last sir I know you know a radical. Right. It's it's exactly like the Bible in that there are nothing but contradictory messages. An eye for an eye verses. What's the conference you're message that you forgive Germany I forget what the message date it's ridiculous. And at the idea that. No we don't want to understanding manner I feel like if we understood. We won't be so afraid and every I and I was single. Muslim are there extremist absolutely those are the ones that we want to track down to they hide behind. Muslims yes they do just like whacko Christian groups hide behind the Christian faith. So what you went in and I know you were like trying to do desensitize. The reaction when you said oh my god Don loves Muslims what's wrong with that well it's not this day and age because this chatter but it is you know I don't even know that edit in place. It's okay. And this is so ridiculous but now we reached this apex in my opinion now maybe maybe this is a one off or two off because a moment about to get the next story. Maybe this is nothing but this is what I've been predicting in my brain. First of all we get so politically angry at each other that we literally start trying to kill each other because all your taking away obamacare. Poll your New York pro wall we are anti wall whatever. We're starting to see signs that now hope. Now we get this so now we get. White people quote unquote that's what this clown apparently is. Who's mowing down Muslims and saying out loud I wanna kill all Muslims were my wonderful reaction wow how about this. Now this Ann and I am I hesitated to put this into the same segment. But and I went and I'm good with this police converge on you after Virginia big. Found the remains of a teenager. Who went missing while walking to a mosque. With her friends now I I here's the full disclosure disclaimer. The cops are not qualifying this is a hate crime yet. I am I'm just I'm just being a jerk I'm just saying the based on what I've read I don't know how they're not yet qualified it as a hate crime I don't think this is a random one off especially with the the attitude that we have in this country right now. They seventeen year old girl identified only as her first name of Knoblauch. And her friends or walking from breakfast and I hop. When they were confronted by a man who drove by in a car the man jumped out and assaulted her. She became separated from her friends or she was with three of her friends. I died due jumps out of a car and starts beating her up they run. I don't know if you make whatever decisions you want to remind. All old I didn't tell you this if the baseball bat I'll go clubbing her. As Alice Randall has discussed. The other teams made it safely back to the mosque where yes they notified authorities won't happen. The girl had been are about Knoblauch had been participating in a sleepover at a religious institution the all Dulles area Muslim society confirmed in a news release of the teens were affiliated with the mosque. Police have captured and charged Darwin Martinez Torres with murder because she died. Car. They found the girls body in a pond Sunday. After she was already in the death own bat and then he's got her own yeah you are normally guys. There are not qualify as hate crimes I am. Well that's I hate. Just as part of our ongoing. Disintegration. As a society and then we have this somewhat related not really just. Let's. Indeed evolving. Eight KKK literature campgrounds uses some more as a resident assistant from Alabama town on edge and I know. Girl well how bad boy into it this crap is everywhere this is just the no most. Recent public one residents of Hoover Alabama Matt sox' best. These large animal. Let's say a large suburban communities south of Birmingham awoke Friday to discover flyers. From the united Dixie white nights and she's an offshoot of the could. Klux Klan. They were upset over the murder of Mike Bellotti OK fine so while we also don't know them. Or her might Gilani and I Iraqi veterans. Who was shot dead in his driveway. At 4:55. AM on January 5 and 2016 as he left his house to go to the gym I could it. Word is. That he was maybe maybe not interrupting a car burglary in process when she's Charleston wells is a seventeen year old black man. Who was initially charged with murder and he was acquitted. After contentious jury deliberations. The others charged in the death have not yet stood trial we have three other people seventeen year old an eight year old and Tony are also this initial black. Teenager got off. Because they just couldn't prove the case of the kkk. Decides to go out impose these flyers. Let's say and I quote an and they posted them by my counselor by by bit they counselor bread. On everybody's door. Sleep well tonight knowing that the Klan is alert and awake. Do a recent case in Hoover has our attention to a jury has acquitted negro. Charleston wells of murder in the 20s16 shooting death of all white Hoover resident Mike Bellotti. A veteran and father of two. Wake up Y eighty. Only I could. And then that's what these flyers said there were on the door was fun. Hey Alabama. Because this one not black man was found not guilty. Al cut and there's so many disgusting things about that group obviously. How they just how it into the family asks you jail. This is the family wants defending them over there. Son father brother what uncle who helped plot for our country does that that's what he wants the kkk. Defending him. So my died. And we have a woman who wind just just stay with me just was kind of like purging. The horrible mass of humanity right now. A woman went to Starbucks to get a nice seat and walked out feeling humiliated. Kayla heart when indoor local Starbucks indoors North Carolina wearing a T shirt in support of president Donald Trump. When she walked into the coffee shop she says that the cashier laughed and her face I'm back Sterger but it. You support don't chug your immediate. Instead of getting her name on her cop right that's the usual thing I don't want a man Brandon and she got a political message but instead (%expletive) hits that's taking place and see. Us. And we have a picture we have a picture of mom and her name get. They wrote build a wall. G honor and see green Ice-T OK we will bank's net present owners appreciated that's as far as. She says I don't know what politics has to do the cup of coffee I just found it really sad. But I can't Wear a T shirt with our president without being made fun of Bershard literally read trump for president won sixteen that's. You know here's the deal if you if you don't wanna get taunted. The upper targeted you cannot Wear shirts hats. And you cannot Wear and hung out here. He had. America great again better go now to the opposite Lachey you can't let him return and yeah we're about bonding there you're out yeah you got let out those aren't the only time did beat black light to stay away for a those things. Bush is how sad is that they're very sad. OK this is kind of random nonpolitical point of how were disintegrating as society. I should this. Show of hands yeah. Intel events and in your hands are not enough. Grace mark good. Who knows we're new who has or knows what chocolate milk is Olympia Maine Judd and then OK good good good. Word. As chocolate milk come from anybody blender is that I'm chocolate bunny. As a child. Yeah actually yeah actually. Whereas we know from front. This easily or whoever makes say you know I mean from a calorie usually for the milk and then you got a budget. And it Coca yeah cal with powder all little Pollyanna you had the child predators how. A dairy now how dare to carry out Perry cal that your hands down you're gonna pass out of. Anyhow yeah as a dairy cow. Has to be Danielle got local or nothing more not a senior member any dairy and Harry cow. Are you sure yeah I mean from what I know you take the milk and we adding and powder on and they are trying this out there. And usually cocoa and sugar you're. You're all share our model net positive. And was there is this dvd. I shot the low dairy cow 7% of the maybe buying all right. 7% of all American adults only but chocolate milk comes only from Brown's house makes according to a national right yeah. Yeah. As as. Wanna be here anymore and I don't want to hear anymore yeah. I love big love. Top bit that works out to sixteen point four million misinformed milk drinking people who do not understand the chocolate Nokia actually milk cocoa and. I was kid yelled yeah I. I said adults now. Helping our right to all Carol light slowly. Well. Well they didn't hide they didn't and could identify in the survey. I know he run. Previous things every dollar mobile Buddy Guy I don't listen. Surprising at all because there are grown as adults that play professional sports that are going around saying that the earth is flat. They believe it and they've tried to prove it her voice constantly. And one hour. I'm happy for a mom I have to. Have barely eaten for nine years as they live off the universe is energy girls' classes. He once again this segment is. We are disintegrating as a society were horrible station. Then why Bob. No hockey Ricardo and commit that just don't believe that food and water are not necessary barrels humans can be sustained solely by the energy of the universe and it. All of this online and on her face for the you know why it is I don't hear you mentioning children and if they have would have to get out of sheer terror bombing at a town there in my. To be don't be dumb and also believe that want to ever push button now not when they have children but it. If they're not feeding those kids and taxi yes sorry Ayman. Camilla and Aki. Who have a five year old son and two year old daughter together have survived on little else besides a piece of fruit or vegetable broth is she's for some veracity of those. And are maybe three times per week since 2008. The married until we did yes the married couple of nine years. And claimed that there are food free lifestyle. Has improve their health and emotional wellbeing yeah. So. As well as letting them spend money on traveling rather weekly groceries now called them. Breast area know they have it now gathered on the merry old Nadia vegetarians and their breast area and so there's that they're not food free Jesus say that they eat fruit and frost finally finally yes three. Still. Food. Not for your shoulder and no it's not you can. Hundred kids in school I mean I would. That bad teachers and what I would know. Is they live they split time between California and Ecuador congestion. The husband says humans can and as a quote quote humans can easily be without food. As long as they are connected to the energy. That exists at all things freezing her cuts he's got now and Elop. And oh time out time out time out and do in the book and do a thing in my hands. You clowns are constant only about energy yeah and how we're all I don't have it you. You don't live you don't eat items your say if this is what you bred to see. People here yeah. Well bill Knoll our creator created as as his energy is within this period and you don't need it this is the barrage. Since breath. Pressler a prayer for experience. She pronounces it Jefferson Brett whenever breath and areas them I feel healthier and happier or shut up yeah. Husband Ricardo 36 police and address the merry ism is the ideal way to slash people's bills. Regards Joseph who teaches courses about breast and Aaron quote. Explain quote there is a freedom that comes with not being attached or dependent on food. And. Big job for him to teach this is another thing to add to the story of how we've lost our minds and the society eighty. Talk it was underground classic with his just cult of people he teaches this somewhere yes. I don't know why I am pissed if they might make it all ends abide by an act. And I know it's ridiculous how it really is there not getting in the black hello all when you do you blood work done I mean there's so many minerals and things that we need besides about vitamins and little. I hope that it. I'm techno go ahead I hope they get free lunches school I think that's that's other. Yeah they're they're not going to school their homes schools. Oh. Are there with anything the couple met in 2005 got married three years later and then discovered that they have they love breath and areas on as a friend her through a friend sorry. The pair had to slowly work their way from vegetarianism. To a billion diet for us and then Justine fruit before starting deep breath and area process. It let it do if this is the husband can't let us explore the draft in its presence within our lines. Showing is that we could easily be without food as long as we had error now. Now you've seen a lot but I am told hungry since I began this process in 2008. The next three years the couple did not eat solid food at all even though Castel those first pregnancy wasn't 111 she didn't eat solid food. Hello I have and eating disorder and you always are pleasantly alive and healthy but who. It is sort of know what ever I don't burn. They're children they can take a lie so now yeah very you know what they this is in the eating disordered and the mental issue which is this same in the 11 does that include. We have quit vegetarians we we have to ask you Terry ends. And all the other area and now we see those kids eat now we have breath and Iranians who eaten animal league but believe we can survive. On the air. RX absolutely clear highlighting an eating disorder here we're giving him the job for his eating disorders is spew it to everybody so again I remind you. Throughout this whole first segment. These are signs. That we heard deep ball being as. As a PGA is is just and we are never coming back. Taylor. She's right.