Does Kids Playing Football= Child Abuse?

Friday, August 11th


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Anybody in John. You know I'm. Last chance of winning your last chance for a few weeks and you can go where we give you thanks to the seventeen being named 172881. Sexy number message bakery supply your word is always pressure Sox. Nowhere in that sentence was the usable on the it was a word we you can help as the don's home. I say Jones did. Yeah were boys that. They want your chance at a thousand dollars we are in history making territory full we have to a nationwide versions of the lottery not every state has the most about 44 states. There's Mega Millions just yeah and there's powerball or. Between consumers and try and what six nights a week or hit me pretty close to that so are those all in every authority for a stay there are very porous aids and there's a few state like Nevada has not a moment but still stay symbols of those or is able to California both many states have both of them but for the first time ever. But jackpots in boasts. The Mega Millions and powerball lotteries at the same time have surpassed 350 million dollars each and my billions in tonight's drawing the man. Why is it 382. Million dollars. They got to take it while the powerball jackpot for tomorrow night is estimated in the small growth course at 356. Million dollars for tomorrow night starts this. The next new thing now is if they. You know people start to get insane. Those of us that he never played the lottery suddenly think hull now it's worth that he didn't want that paltry sixteen million now. Who lost that eighty million I can't I can't be bothered to go to 7-Eleven for eighty million dollars. 140 million yeah. Why 300. Air so yeah until mom that are competing where they're both getting a suit happening the next step for both of these we half a billion dollars. And you what's the biggest ones on CNN and 648. These second prize was on Jesus did. We play want to quickly really. I'm not you know recently after a little while lastly and and so now not what we're still here yeah. Of course last year there's been a 648. Million dollar Jack. My. A million dollar jackpot the one dawns referring to the largest ever powerball jackpot but it came in January Tony sixteen. So lucky on eight hours and you better lives out. January. Dynamic and fast are president rehearsal really any need right. I was at their issue to the largest ever powerball jackpot came in January 2016 lucky sac fly. And by yum that was the 13 people wanted to in California and Florida and Tennessee for a total of one point six. Billy. Andre and then split one point 6000000003 ways four beta. They lost to an already volatile. Yeah I would buy it so much land I would be the next Ted Turner I really don't morally and in America than any wind you're gonna need a lot. More than a third of one point six billion dollar trying to become. Finally an embarrassment and lefty bond for your video. Lot snow are modern but I'm happy he's in the book I added this is like what I tell children when I have to talked about. It's my dreams yeah honesty bit. You can't in any way Obama a week from Monday look you can buy a few houses that are in this. Italy and just monopolies since her to monopoly. You're gonna get the little red house and everything iPad bag. Are they going to have Barrasso. Hi I would still be playing and hang. We can't. I am yeah. My latest issue of land the. While you're away a week from Monday ten days now but a week from Monday is the super duper solar cliff does. Yeah. Me all we always want to first rate. Is this her career. Not the fourteen we're gonna is an Intel and another way they have got Larry I had today is Friday yes and then this audio on Saturday is tomorrow Sunday and then Monday not there that's next month it. All week from. The 21 about ten they serve us as we have a show meeting that we did not look at he had. And don't worry or in the country you'll get a hold rule book clips which means literally in the middle your day it's gonna go dark days are. And don't worry are for many minutes now Loria and in northern California northern Nevada were getting partial or total solar there's a Renaissance. Sign as a contradiction but yeah it is going to get or read it in in our general is in their ads and getting darker you're going to be a no decision. Com is gonna be it's the first time and what we've 99 years and my dad. Com so what's happening on a week from Monday it's gonna remember we talked originally about how everybody is trying to travel today what's the line rainy and in the name of the wise there. It'll. Our Portland and it stretches of hotel Elian in South Carolina. So you you and they churches across the whole country and anybody in the path of totality all those homes are sold out the camp sites are sold out lucky a lot of people are heading their spending as much as 2500 dollars a night on homes so they deceived. Although the entire eclipse occurs once and once I hate. Any word early talked about our people booking flights to let it happen around that. Science and that's the one question I haven't heard covered. Is what happens once a look like you're an airplane to act in an end to the right skill it's right in the middle America. I am right. Basically that's what it's a yeah yeah I. How that would be great somebody that somebody if he does all this meticulous planning and whatever city they're. They look at every possible slice the destination is unimportant because all they care about is our need to be right over why don't mean this exact moment okay did you. Battered and certain. This one and then the flights delayed yeah. Oh or they change the flight pattern and we have a couple of clips updates for your first of all of around the country a lot of places are doing this a science museum in Dallas. Is holding a solar eclipse viewing party. A week from Monday. Xeon sure and I and I guess they're doing it now in Dallas that'll be occurring in in the early afternoon because of the time difference and and the the stretch of the clips and all that. I'm but I'm a little confused on what exactly they're doing it maybe it's like a sleepover. If you want what you bring your kids and you can learn all about the eclipse now on the next day went either way. The only reason this became a story is never misses. A once in a lifetime events this solar eclipse occurring on Monday a week from Monday the 21. Science museum in Dallas is holding the solar eclipse viewing party on the 21. And a woman went on to their FaceBook page these science museum's basement page and ask them if they could please. Rescheduled the event since it's a school night. Seriously doubt. Oh I guess we get it and now. I cheated I'll come you know what here's where I have hope it was only words. Yeah well she got destroyed immediately on the day's pay tied to the point where she ultimately deleted her com am. Alerted her honey genie yeah. Balloons just Galen another game he just let me do Halloween we don't then small legs anymore I have yelled yeah. Even this was an event they could reschedule that's still dumb questions. Faces school breakthrough can change the whole big impact czar that's like right you can find me. That's why we're following a couple guys not the question in the 21 and I can we changed everything. For any reason they don't remember it started with Fuji is following example started with. And about ten years ago. All know. It's going to snow in the northeast on October 31 when we can't have the precious snowflakes out in the snow okay you can certainly has moved trick or treating my like a week as you know. It's more safe I guess and then from there it's gotten to the point where cities around the country when Halloween on the 31 falls on any of the week days they say now. Your designated trick or treating Knight is the previous or following Friday or Saturday night. Because we don't want our children our. Sugar sure physical process Streeter the two houses next to you know you're talking to improvise. I know you show up but the city bore me I'm happy how you are grown tomatoes in that glued to. If you're lucky that's all go yeah. Now as part of a glimpse South Carolina is in the path of totality and amid the solar eclipses hyped. What the sky getting ready to go dark in mid afternoon no joke one of the things that the Greeneville police department has to do is they warned. Because you people go a little goofy when you wonder and ultra small not everyone's going to be aware that there's an eclipse happening then let's step back for me I know you live in the information age. Lot of people don't care don't pay attention don't understand there are going to be some people freaked out. I guess I'm forwards who we from. As the entry gathered us and he's still listen news on six hits and John Noonan yeah that's why you weapons bring nice sound bad. It's there will be stupid people. Really happy yeah yeah. Yeah. So the Greenville police department has born because South Carolina is one of the landing spots for bigfoot enthusiasts. There's a lot of people even I don't you shake your head at me like that Amanda. The argument. We'll leave do you not believe you'll. Oh South Carolina is one of those how can you returns desk I'm trying to land and staying forever been the main states in America or people travel to try to find him or memory Everett hit a so Greenville police are. Warned they sent out a FaceBook message quote if you see bigfoot. Please do not shoot him. This is all because they're concerned that people are going to be so knocks that they're gonna think when the sun goes dark that a big scary person is a there's a SaaS watch and is an open fire. Image yeah says it was not meant as a joke. They felt like they had to tell people. Again hopefully to educate them a there's going to be an eclipse MB if you do see they and they go on their post if you do see big phone call 911 who will come out yeah. Just below cookie for you I'm wondering if ice where I wondered if you know who set that aside right. I noticed there will be people look at GI is just don't hate the eclipse is does Sunday should really get. I get affects animals and now I wonder if it'll just make some people mess now yeah it'll make you won't tell. People are more on this planet. Apparently they are all the experience all garbage in the tie ins and our bodies are water current is all socially our bodies are right in the moon doesn't. Every now and does. Wait a minute. Act as good as it's known to all. Everything he may look and we're all calendars worrying news that's your faith I can't argue with that okay all right hey I'm talking about it. What I tell you heard say that snow loads of give us your your hey I said that it is are there is nothing I can bring you there is no level of research science yet studies. Common sense all point out how why does it affect the overwhelming majority there's nothing as. His ex do you put that we're all connect to and that's I don't know not. All of bad that day I I don't believe science and anyway back you up with that it's it gets really old age somewhere okay should really study. Think it that's going. On the farm people start going. Crazy all yeah I can only fifteen minutes may help a couple of hours for the whole span today if you walked outside if you are outside today not you Brandon but you would ever moron you know you want to assure. If you're just walking around let's say you're a well informed person you have no reason to believe that anything is going on and it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon and suddenly. It gets darker and darker and darker hair becomes not hate yes within eight minutes thirty channel. We're gonna freaked out I don't know if you want modern history now but I'm online rape spree is I was. I had and I don't want is to be prepared something is going to somebody somewhere is gonna do something maybe only one of five people when I'm hoping for thousands. Oh wait we can't leave South Carolina yes 'cause after warning everybody about bigfoot now they also have to discuss lizard man. The lizard man was first spotted in 1988 by seventeen year old Christopher Davis Tahoe is high on passes. That I believe seventy your hopes. A while driving around at 2 AM in the middle starving nation got a flat tire near ski or swamp cooler. After he finished changing it back on seventeen year old nun changed I. He claimed that a rare and I don't call it appeared in about thirty yards of wind though god. He was able to get into his car was probably a better idea than running the and tried to know that I was on in his story lost and I think after I finished changing it into it and you wouldn't know sorry RA announced all right I. Mustn't show ever would tell us heard she drove and drove away. As reached. Over and he threw the wizard off and said that it was able to keep up with the car speeds up to forty miles an hour last December dipper lizards must. His story gathered international attention. And reported lizard man's sightings have continued until as recently as 2015. Even to police officers said they are convinced that something is out there after having an accounts are the rules recently had a scan for small. I'm sure some of the news that things are now possible. Now there are only people that if you see lizard man please don't shoot. Call 911. Drugs can volume. Yeah morning. Smart guy if you look I just want to let Don know that her body is not water and her body is wonderland. I. Very good job phone number is 88999. In away celebrating your morning. Even be here yeah do you order I think accommodation stay quite important here let you pay there aren't any time. Modern. Age it's our third Tracy and I at this hour I had that it is. You're like any night you feel like the former I think that. Wonder if I'm glad you think that is where all they either senile Corsican. And doesn't move as I said it's. I don't. God one other note this is a bit. Told you say okay. Lori G it is well known I'm merely your mom girls and angry and I. These things take time before so this is not at all surprising to me we started many years ago. Freaking out over chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Which is known as CT either did mean just shredded and I thought I would have more pro and something encephalopathy. Coming degenerative disease of the brain found in the history of repetitive brain trauma it's a CAA football players are. This is the big thing there were about on I got to play for bullion CT oh my god 90% of players don't care. Although that's not okay so we're gonna we're gonna tell them that they have to care oh my god now they're gonna pretend they don't concussions. Like Peyton Manning admitted to doing on the putting the concussion are always says why just went one way when the baseline test I just act more stupid than usual. So that when I have a big guy and I look like I'm. Baseline taking god damn Manning's share is sort of play just wanna play my god. And and and not the number DA gave you is not outlandish or recent a recent survey done by not the players union but it blues somebody else 90% of players and anonymous survey said. I'm aware of it and I don't care to see my career I will deal with whatever happens later is worth the risk of love the game and there's I don't there's 10% but players who. Who are some of whom just retire her because they're so nervous we better. Not a rational got about half. Half dozen players in the mid twenties retire because they say no I'm scared what's yeah they have every right to do that. And then we players are still playing that say they're terrified of what's gonna happen to them which that's a little harsh you square that circle I. I sometimes feel like. What is your leg though there are some feel pressured they need to say that. Is there a role model or this or that it still would still have the word is baffled at. We obviously saw a high school kids and even little kids playing in the end and doing tackle football right so it's. It's kind of like I think the majority of people that want to play this game or believe in this game. Know that that's a risk but it seems to me overwhelming number is well let's just don't play. Well I'm just three fair and participation and tackle football and all you wells is down about 15% since we started the CTE hysteria. Why isn't here meaning because other countries have rugby team so why isn't this a phenomenon and those types of sports they don't Wear patch. And still it is a phenomenon. Many do those players and in fact remember the second most dangerous sport in the world soccer. And those players do wind up. With CT and brain injuries. And it may there are knees over there that are also crying should we make soccer players Wear helmets now but you know we're on earth is it to the level it is the United States yeah like I don't serve out. Sorry I mean it's it's it's talked about over there I don't think the hysteria levels quite as high and nightly here's what I would suggest you. As as as rabid as we are in America about football and that is true the America's sport that's nothing compared to how Europe feels about soccer. And for a man they just kinda look at like hey we don't care and everybody over there wants to be a soccer star and I think that's still overwhelming. The narrative and they are not broken through over there. Of those and tried to make this I think they're just not breaking through The Beatles show another Hamburg hurt now and other Europeans aren't. They find fascinating man is that you'll hear as parents oh god no my son will. Play football but don't let him play soccer all day long. Just imagine I totally nuts but this brings me Jim I told. He's up all youth participation football is down about 15%. We do you still have of course Marines of players at youngsters. Playing football at the youth level high school level the college level course tributes to an all sorts of idiotic ways to change the game. In an effort to make it safer at all levels from you sports all the way up to. Two professional football where they while we we are told. They concussions are down in the NFL you're never gonna make the games safe look at this four and watch the spore on all levels of sausage and it's not safe and so. I used for new years ago when this started I use the cigarette model. When they first warned people that it was dangerous what do people do they still smoked yes I wanna smoke leave me alone I know it's dangerous or not indeed if I put something my mountains on fire and rain hail and I realize that's not Good Friday. All award in my. As a smoker so that we're in my practice areas they started doing that every time I didn't care when it slow and so people can't smoking well that's not okay. You can't you cannot make a choice and I disagree with so what do they do they created a total canard of secondhand smoke being dangerous for everyone would just nodded affects a very small number of people. People like me that allergies things like that and we said world's endangered everyone and then they plucked out of the the sky the one out of a million people who die of secondhand smoke you know Chris marine wife or whatever that. Never smoked in her life and is and see you're killing people so we started to shame it and then we started making illegal everywhere you go see because your choices weren't acceptable to them I told you this is what they're gonna do with football and now the next shoe has dropped. These positions credited with discovering CTV is now on a nationwide campaign. Saying that any parents who lets their child play football should be arrested were child abuse us. I'm sorry you tonight and I get that. And any parent who lets their child's play football should be arrested for child abuse says doctor Bennett a mile an old saying quote. There will be district attorney in the near future will prosecute for child abuse on the football field and it. It will succeed and quote hey signaling he's already got a few DA is lined up and ready. Take such cases this is borderline scary bad behavior control. I feel like there's a little bit of truth immediately European countries are a little bit stronger than us because they didn't do initiate any sports without pads. Because they know of course really hurt us just the way the sport is is not society's responsibility and take care of these athletes. As soft as we view a lot of us view Europeans and Australians and such they're soft this is on a different social level. They they don't they have not quite reached the level of I mean they're incredibly controlled by the government's but I guess I don't want to phrase in Columbus for this is they have not quite reached this level of candy candy beyond her control isn't there. And that's exactly what this is and it's the same formula this doctor and his allies. They do not like the fact say they thought by now you've football would be a thing of the past which is how they're gonna destroy football. They thought by telling everybody. Oh my god look what happens if you play football as an adult that Americans would react by going on my kids never gonna play that. Well since it's not happening they're not okay with it and since they can't now convinced parents through quote unquote education. To make the choice they want you to. They are now going to try to scare you out of it by trying to find a district attorney's somewhere and he's right they will find one. Who will at least try to prosecute parents or a group of parents. Just shut down this football game this is a child abuse now and even if the prosecution doesn't go anywhere imagine they're found not guilty. Imagine that she only the fact that pass you're just sitting there on a Saturday morning or Sunday morning wash your kid play pop Warner football. And here comes storm troopers saying we're shut us down year old arrested for child abuse because that's what tackle football us. That is that is all he's. You have to do and that's what I'm talking. Down. I had the individual leagues. That kids sign up for and they also have to shut down the high school football they will let it does yeah. One game in one county we of one district attorney I'll do it I mean that's all you have to do is starting. This is where people. I have heard bell could. Get them I know super red bell okay you might be honest some this IPO would turn America around our local local. And finally every other country had no interest in buying it. Doctor Maya luz isn't your child plays football there is a 100%. Risk exposure. There is no such thing is making football safer that is a misnomer and quote they went so is it is throwing your kid to the wall. We wouldn't let your you know that it's football any sport I would I would like to say right here right now I mean endless and if you don't know this. You should but I hassles they shield any sport you had your child involved and there's a chance for. I'm sorry wait wait wait what members worse. Is there a wanna pick you have to look at it from his demented point of your. There's not a 100%. Risk of danger in baseball. There's no guarantee your child is going to be heard in baseball he is saying that putting your child on a tackle football field. Guarantees. He is in Dana hit it doesn't like putting him in the middle of traffic go don't go plans traffic. I'm gonna buy into I I don't you wanna give him credit because I'm on the opposite side of him I say Doug. I mean. If we're gonna say a hundred or eight they're tackling each other throwing each other down that show me guess you're probably gonna get hurt at some point I will agree and you know what. Kids know going into their parents know it going into it myself not he's a freak out all the time that he's had a couple concussions. He has decided on his own he'd rather focus on baseball she's like thank you Jesus. But do you fight that that the press is signing them up. You already know this is extremely dangerous chances of him getting hurt are probably pretty good. And that's not okay. My god it's a choice easily able to make individually so to me and he would say use so choice you should be able to make individually upon your child every night because the earthquakes that they do that's how whack.