Does Kids playing Football= Child Abuse? part 2

Friday, August 11th


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Back to rub anybody and gone 98 rock love it's tiara is do you got next. Indonesia. Paul Robinette. Yen dawn. I think 99 elevenths war listen online at grand radioed. Luckily this morning we have your next shot after shot and pressure her. We also have a special edition Brandon improved version of drinking with the man against. Yeah we've got a brand new not your father's not your mother's products were we try. I've only there which is what springboard does into the argument the maggots segment yeah I had a couple of years ago and not your father's repair all. Had abandoned ginger ale and Jerry body and sweet tea within. Yes certainly got its righty sort of try their new one live on the air not Brandon bell an idea asked for enemy should you be okay. His was a write you a hundred days over a hundred. 07 days this week and some crazy not. It'll be later on this morning lots of people are reacting to the story about doctor. Bennett a mile loose who is credited with finding in the whole CT thing within tackle football who is now. Confirm what I predicted he would do. Ten years later he is now on a charge to Troy tour the country. And say that if you let your child play tackle football you are committing child abuse seasons arms some of the reactions we get online and are fairly simple on FaceBook will says dumb ass. He says if you. Com Tiffany I usually more than one word. I'm he says so when they play in college in the NFL and they have no experience because they have builds up a tolerance knowledge and skills. They'll suffer worse damages sounds like your great claim that that's the plan though. There there will be no one in his mind. He's going to do here here's how doctor Ramallah his brain works if you could succeed and I agree with Don I hope. That America would revolt against. But if you believe that he. And he is district attorney friends and the stock hold and America could the decree that football is child abuse. Then no children will be playing tackle football. They want it certainly won't be allowed through high school which is all government run and ask if this child abuse you can't do it until you're eighteen. Do you really think colleges across America are gonna want touch now look I don't believe is gonna work as the money. Yeah there's no way America's gonna let this money go to colleges and drugs what's scarier is the mindset of people and the power of people like doctor in my own. Yeah when you think about how much money Monday Night Football makes term. Just TV and so how much money. So all makes and general college football makes a lot of money billions and billions tens and no and the NFL itself is a 33 billion dollar a year industry that's just the NFL nevermind they're broadcasting partners and sponsors yeah and this all those companies that would be losing money if there was no more football is no way back can they ever have. Half hour hello Alex. Morning. Ky EDS CT yeah our roots. I just wanted to say around that for about kids playing in traffic sort of letting her cage get on. Just as risky as well Marcellus. Requirements can answer because I don't you just simply. But look at what we've done that over the last ten years they with the state after state after state. Look when I turned fifteen and a half I had a learners permit the day I turned sixteen and a driver's license period and the story I drove Bremer I want and I had many people in my car when whenever I want and I drove at night. Now we all sorts of states that restrict you you don't get to drive really until you're eighteen if you're sixteen you can't get after night. You can have more than one passenger car you have done an adult your car all and and what's happened we now have the studies. Went in those states now like thirty of them now on America that have restricted driving between the ages of sixteen and eighteen Y. Guess what happens when they turn eighteen in those restrictions are are. Are removed they get more accidents than ever because look for the face burqa was making they don't have the true experience of what we're trying to create it's all just behavioral control. Engineering going along with and then the human race since that's going to ruin us in the and a phone numbers alienate 9990. CN I think that he has. Just as much about huh. Uphill battle where we're talking about. Where children and nick junior high and high school because I'm obviously yes you get to college and NFL led the monies out of control right. But if she think Norman stardom here. I am. I. It is the very much a big deal and that. What that one of the cities in the matter and I terrorists might they actually have the number one high school football team in the country I mean people get crazy about this they will build. Millions of dollars high school stadiums. For their towns you know doesn't like if he thinks he can start small there are thirty start to make. Funny for their communities therein and it's a big deal across this nation on that level that he's gonna run into a lot of problems. This is the brilliance of his a theocracy though. So if you start with the youngest kids. If you get tackles and I'm not suggesting this won't happen again I think we should all be much more terrified by the fact the convenience. Increases as somebody has allies yeah on the back. If he gets tackle football labeled as child abuse that eliminates any in junior high and high school once you don't want you labeled it child abuse it's over. Let's battle cry like I mean they're gonna hear rumblings of it but it's not. But that's just print it actually had his brilliance of his stupidity that is his plan if you label child abuse nobody Emory team do it. Once you're an adult oh wait there's no way we can do it anymore because we don't have farm team hello there I'm Nathan good morning that's his plan. Sorry guys Leon guys. I did try to make good quick comment or just I could show. My irons and started my first year in high school freshman year. I ate my mother was. She is really against hate playing tackle football. Very much. We had to actually sit down and didn't and assess it she gave me all ups and downs of what could possibly happen. They injuries you know the glory all of and I had to make that decision myself on whether or not I want to play up that conversation but other Biden was. Bad. You know there are lots of heart attacks boards out there baseball basketball overt kind of car are ordered a but yeah. How old football and say like ice hockey nova more like gladiator sports see you know like going into those sports. He would understand that there is a huge degree of injury that comes along with playing. Let's go back to the beginning there Nathan. I think it's wonderful in my opinion that your parents allowed you to make that decision. But doctor Ramallah and his is is supporters don't believe that they believe you're in capable it's kind of like not to get dark but it's like the statutory rape laws. You're not capable. Of giving consent in so your 1617 or eighteen depending on what state you're in. You're not capable at the age of 81012 or fourteen making a decision as to whether or not should be playing tackle football. That's what your parents or their fourth and your parents are abusing you by allowing you to play tackle football. Is his point and then your other she interest seen. Analogy there. You said ice hockey and tackle football or more like gladiators forceful what we're gladiators they were barbarians. And were better than that. We're still icy side eat. We shouldn't be engaging in me typed in below. Here's an eerie dizzying our idea red radio stuff comes from Heidi thanks I didn't visit doctor Amal is the guy that horrible love Will Smith movie true. Oh yeah horrible movie I've seen the movie I study doctor Ramallah so I'm not I'm not speaking out of my rear here when I tell you what he would say that the on all these issues Heidi says and she's got a whole bunch of capital letters and exclamation points all strikes you wrote. All sports cause injuries. My two year old concussions are from my two concussions are from rec football for God's sakes while my son is in his third year tackle yes we have some helmet to helmet hit but there's also been hurt his motorcycle. I know more convenient and baseball and applause are the pretty quiet. Telling me what to do in my life will never commented no no no bad. Iron and you'll get groped by DJ. The numbers 88 tiny tiny. Hi I'm I'm accused Abbas and see if I remember ever relate because they're human remains a ball even at a high level yeah. I haven't won a year ago that kids play the game personnel. Stationed there stronger. They encouraged him to hit harder QB more muscular workout aren't you and the gaming machine. What you need to be here I mean what I what I all. There are injuries like there are today issued different gaining. They are bad I like I. I get surprised at some of their games they've gone she's here on the local level with some of the high schools of late their family friends the woman whenever I might. Dear god. There she. Coach teenage I don't ever go to this is year's exciting are told and that Nevada and high school grammar and Intel to Nevada City oh my god they're playing a team from Marino. And those guys are big that they look so little compared like what are they feeding these kids. That city bears are enormous they almost look like pro players. This email Ari the red radio dot com I've covered this topic as well I'll be happy to revisit he says so are they going to do the same for boxing and USC. Where there's also 100% chance of getting hurt we've discussed this you go after the big dog first imagined ticket to get out you sports for a while. Imagine if they can quote unquote destroy the NFL and there's a lot of professional sportswriters and sports commentators who believe. That the NFL is on its way out. And they use the same example that I views over the years which is boxing boxing in the eighties was an extraordinarily. Popular sport in America. I don't know that was the only sport but it was so extraordinarily popular and it is nothing now is a shell of itself these things are single small. Baseball's a shell of what used to be not because of a bunch of social activism or anything just because these things come and go when you do have this asylum movement. To also try to harm something that makes it even worse so it is possible. That the NFL will slowly fade off into the distance distance speed maybe as simple as as they keep this pressure on the NFL. And they have the nannies who use the power. Of going the sponsors to say I'm not gonna watch this game unless they make it safer in the NFL will continue to add in all these horrible rules that make the game less interest and they can save me almost this would hurt at their meetings. They almost banned kickoffs. Just gonna place the ball the one yard line and serves as soon as the kick off a lot of us believe is the most exciting play in football but it's also the most dangerous. They came within a few votes of banning the kickoff that's how close they are so imagine if the NFL makes changes the game in a way that a lot of us go welts. It's not the NFL anymore the NFL falls off the map once they've brought down the big dog. Guess they will go after whatever is next is whether or not attacking soccer in America cares about soccer in America. You see probably is next and on and on it won't go until they get. Every one doing the exact same thing all the time which I guess for them would be running employees and I will actually eat eastbourne Cecil noon that's the next. And I think Iowa games. Boards and like professional. Competitions and that's already starting to happen so now people are just gonna be sitting in front of computer screen and that's the level and a necklace and Susan we're gonna have. You know it's like for people that wanna do that blocks that grade I don't begrudge them but. That eggs exit this I find this dangerous and and here's why because society needs an outlet. They need to let that pressure off a little right. What we pull back and really don't have that right wing bloc we will become angry we become great lean back and so it. We will constantly be replacing that this will cost India battle for days like this guy. Because it will come up with a neck looped a cook the next mileage department only back we are barbaric species yeah he sure we. I'd be civilized but we do need looked up and let the steam analytical week eight you have to do you have to allow that with your society or is he gets real bad but the going back to the high school. On the high school level. Here's where I feel his uphill battle would be to saint. Because there is a whole lot of money in high school football a lot. They're gonna have their group's right to do you ever had their groups that are going to be and together and fight this then. They're not just gonna lay down and held all they're trying to get a district attorney didn't Eric they have there. Committees and groups I mean it's big business. And they are better Giuliani's goal better be ready for a fight and they have to understand who he's aligning west and this is the scary part is the government that's what a district attorney is. And if he's got enough for mom god forbid he starts didn't state attorneys in US attorneys backing them. It becomes a real battle and if you don't have the funds. To take on the government that's where that look again. Don't believe it's gonna happen but I didn't leave a lot of things that happened in the last fifteen years would ever happen hash tag president trump hello there in the good morning. Hey good morning yeah. And what I want to comment on what article I'd go out there do you fit being. Do you shamrock had not allowed cut its article well Baltimore Kurt are so way out there. If you have surpassed my eyes out Eric's sorely disappointed he says it would pull over a month. And that's you know what that does an excellent point. Because we can't cut children and a lot of these you know might not everywhere but in a lot of these these programs across the country in every state. These smaller kids these less talented kids these disoriented kids are on the field with guys like can use 6250 high school goody things get a CT in that example the kid who never should have been on the team in the first place what we look past that's. So that we can use them as an example say see all kids are getting to concussions below their dale. Good morning right area I. Arm when I went article we've played a lot of misplayed Iron Man football that means. Both offense or defense today and and some of those also got a beyond what we called the suicide squad you guys call that they kick off paint everything I call it suicide slaughtered because they may go wage. Say you're the winner job in the first person down there is few smashed through the web gives guys go and you hit a nice that you can't. Playing well and and that's been around forever we had I knew the wedge bag weighed back in the dinosaur worry. My football teams are nice you're playing the tries her clock the justices on the wedge and I. Was. That is. That is what you just. Describe goes back to that word is barbaric. It's the eighth to me it's the game that's the game of football. That's part of what we're doing on the field but it's barbaric it's not allowed it shouldn't be allowed and we wanna stop at hello there and good morning. There at aria okay. Oh. I just wanted to point out one thing that third knock. Pointing out at all this is what about the benefits that it is you've played this yet I played football first six years. And it's taught me and made more at stake and how it really taught you gotta be a mad a little bit earlier I think that's that's something that. All of our people take away current. Share first of all I mean there's a variety of angles that remember how like my era like minded individuals hold rally behind the cause they know who I should jump on this even though it's not my cause first of all you touched on one of them. Band there's a there's a large swath of of the American public 10% or less are so low. Of the seasons and the Nazis or whatever they don't wanted to do was man being traditional man this. There there's a movement in America and the talks about men who what you what you're describing men who become tough and end this rigid and battle torn this there that they have been the problem with society I was just reading an article last week. Buy one of these whack job posts that men are the reason that society will end. If we don't stop them from becoming men because they're aggressive and they lead us to war and all these other things actually that element you've got the they don't care elements there's so many things that everything you said I agree with 100%. But they will find an argument around and say you're young and didn't make it sound and. The other thing I. Hearts just just children. Is that. Is that it's about the team and working together as a team and not for the good of just your self senior individuals salsa it's you know teamwork and. If we take a wave out from kids and then there really aren't any knees thinking they're the DL some special snowflakes and here's something else then the exact same concert. If you're a team of 91250. People. You also learn that some of you are better than the others from now you have to work together okay I'm the leader kind of capped and I know I'm better than the worst guy on the team but only as strong as our weakest link how to we all work together as long as we all acknowledge and you know what the weakest link acknowledges all you have robs the Japanese better than me but I'm still on the team there's so many lessons and her mom they'll be taken away if we start eliminating all the stuff. So I liked it I guess I didn't like what you're talking about here. I'm a Big Brother it's one of their shows I love the Lotto yes and I if I get cut it off I haven't been watching it. As little film even let me tell you why so I I need. Why did I got sucked in like everyone else there's a guy on their code eat and he's former military former marine and he's definitely rough around the edges. And in the beginning I was on board everywhere how my body such a bully he's so mean he's so yeah. I reckon stepped back I stood back and I was like. Limiting. The mayor. He's I'm sorry there's different ways to define and he's. A certain type the mayor he's an alpha that's right he's an alpha male he's aggressive and they're playing a game and a light. Oh my god did that show this year's show how plus a five we are everyone in the house. We could we gotta get a now we still be so mean you. Me he was Vienna opera mail he was taking charge he was do we need to be done and they all couldn't handle it can't they all. And gained on him it is just so grass court season for me there's a grosses some of the roses people there's a deal on there that are nice but it's like. That was our sit on oh my god this is America today this is so disgusting but and I love that show and I have a watch Wednesday said Gary stacking up on Wednesday and I'm. Really good. The bully and that just heinous person he is back cry they need job. I'm right very and in as a crybaby but yeah. He underground and intimidates people in his banging pots and hands and just acting like a child but nobody cares about that I bear no. It took just to bring you back for the Josh Jersey simple rot he will be that way right. He'll be guilty and he started focusing in on this other guy mark is a big guy he's really big huge bus Henne and killed like. Jet just say let alone or did you worry you'll get ponson. Isn't he started charging veteran. Martin got up to kick his ass I don't blame mark O is everyone mad at mark not a Joshua started this and was the total baby. They got mad at the parent who responded in wanting to fight probably we should wanted to kick it that's really what we do. We don't matter as a society and that house has shown the reflection of America. I would just like oh my god deliver special message to Amanda and are a half months of the audience I hate you because. Somehow you took a conversation about football. And turn it into reality TV yeah. He's gone show.