Dr Rob 6-19-17 part 1

Monday, June 19th


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Loved anybody who don't like 98 rock. They Biarritz do you dot net. You're listening to the dawn show. Paul rock. Or listen on. CO RAD red radio dot com up from no name may person. Says since it is now an uphill battle against these nut jobs like breast Syrians sees us through that again they barely live on and on the oh my breathing. He says I say we just let such people who attend such classes and such follow the values and go ahead and call. And they can all breathe and from the tailpipe of the good old American truck. I played this way they can devolve individuals and self destructive for the F. Yeah it is what does that the eight. Australia armament. Quinnipiac Pena right. The fires out. The question a comment all of your own. I mean I'm nineteen let me know right now about their RA and Brad radio dot com I'm not really doctors of these subjects. First bonus from name was healthy person and try to do these two of these quick and says dear doctor rob I have been on a similar journey to your own. That's spelled wrong see yours turned yeah I mean I journeyman yours but and or fuel are saying well. I've been on a similar journey you are the last two years dealers took. Long story short life has been vomiting and on the first few years. The details are an important. They are real raw real problems to me. And I have handled them by confronting them and drinking to escape then look like view I have no devices I don't do pills drugs or smoke pot. I try to exercise as a release and it doesn't do the job yes I am friends and hobbies but nothing helps me escape like alcohol. I am now reached the point where I realize I didn't now spelled wrong word. The lines where things. I've gone too far I am drinking too much too often highlight you'll never stop drinking and but I need to control better which you seem to have done recently what do I do and how do I do it. Out to do with calculator yes. Well I mean first of all first of all day in the sun Brenda good religion are you still summer as I am coming days. Over safety of so. Brandon can relate to there's this point do you go through where you realize your dream too much. And it can last for many days many weeks in many months. You know what you're doing is wrong but if you don't know of course you create and I do agree and then you get to that point where you where we're maybe this letter writer is we go OK I really want to stop or some sites. And this is the this is the disconnect between you guys like Brandon main brands much more courageous than I am. He hasn't actually given up alcohol. Good for you. Proud Leo sing or you can't do it on this and so like the letter writer I understand I'm always going to be a drinker and and for the same reasons that he says so what do you do when you really reached that point 01 ball. Have you really reached that point or arguing that stage because I went to that stage for many months were I knew I was drinking too much. Too often. The wrong times and kept doing it so that's the first thing you have to acknowledge where are you and then. If you really wanna stop or subside the drinking not stop it but subside. There is what we call the harms network you can do bullet which I think is oh wonderful program as much higher success rate than say eight A which has 12% success rate you're actually researcher at. Where they teach you because of the problems with with state a and twelve step programs is they cut you off. And they they they try to. I'm. Cure you but. Literally 80% of them go back to something they either go back to alcohol or they switched to marijuana or pills and center. So the harms network is designed and again you can go Willits. Through the idea of urine drinker are you like alcohol you don't do anything else and that that is the key to the arms network is you're not you're not. And addict you're just addicted to alcohol or you just like alcohol you don't always other things. So when they do is they say taper. Go down to minimal if not zero and then start over and control your drinking so here's what I did. With the help a bit of a circus and not one who was trained with with the harm series so we won those things you can do. Is depending on what you drink I'll give him one of my examples. I'd like these bogus Moscow mule so I make in which case you I say bogus because that that the ginger beer the original Moscow mills are too heavy for me so I created the strength. That is equal parts of vodka ginger L Perrier. And I can drink those all day by naming it I I I did I don't know twelve day I don't know all I don't know anymore. So what I did she just was I would I would have a mosque on the hill a real one. And then I would make a virgin one. Just ginger ale and soda water with someone. To trick my brain. Into thinking I'm still drinking but I am not. And that may be another one of those a version one and then another one of those and and I would increase it. Throughout the process so there's ways you can trick yourself. A trick your brain into oh I feel again drinking. But I am not in the end up in the end what I learned was and I think Brandon would agree and again these are different journeys. One is subsiding one is quitting. You have to want it yeah. Actually commit to it and believe in it and go okay. I'm going from twelve drinks a day to two drinks a day or in Bryan's case I'm going from whatever how many drinks a day to notre today. And the literary is. On Celine saying that he's not gonna quit. It that he he and there's no reason for him to but he is also doubting himself like well like why do I drink so I dice challenge you I challenge you to take it upon yourself to go to tell yourself do I knee alcohol seems to function do I need alcohol in my life every day. Can I do it just every weekend you know it's a challenge your mind it's all in your mind if you can get past you or your obstacle of yourself. And you want to control the drinking thing you can and you should. Because it's it's it's all about how often and making yourself be better you if you can do that if he didn't. And it robs tips you. Penetrate your body do. Convincing you that you're drinking but you're actually not is it a great idea I I will substitute like so I had probably had like two or three sodas a week which is. To a decrease more so as I ever had. Are you bat is that they're not getting. And lost oh my gosh. And me in the end. Instead he just just try to challenge yourself and and tried to make yourself. Not drink and inadvertently keep my brother say don't have to want it. CIA. I know it's a letter so sometimes we just don't know tone everything right when some of those with you but it's like heat it. It almost sounds but I could be wrong as this. Well this is my advice I tried all the other one so this is my advice I'm not getting an apple yes we all have our vices we all have something or. This means I'm just being cleared out of the east of where he's sick. The way he writes in my brief in my voice from yes and try to the other ones like nobody's really try and so I do pillow. Drugs or smoke pot I have tried exercise yes yes and well. And it doesn't do the job. But here's a link to eat eat we all have vice isn't some of them well are illegal and that's not okay. OK it is illegal you finally get involved in those types of things that's not good for Yale. Physically or with the law would you like to buy it. A vice is not meant to be abused and I think the people confuse that. If you had beaten we all know at some point we abuse our vices but we know it's wrong thing you worry sex when we all do it we know what's wrong may. What I drink too much when my father passed away Halladay was drink for six months and it was wrong I knew I needed a face life I don't want GM and you every step of the way it was wrong I was abusing my advice. Any time I've turned to food you know to help me feel better writing bushels up I knew that was wrong in the sense of overdoing it. Vice is are not meant to be used in the extreme they're not meant for long term to be user extreme and your go to all the time and you can't follow. Function without that advice. They're there freely moderation in every so often to help you get over Hong. You got to face something so I don't know these apple we've only drank so much in our toys believe could stop. And that's why he says he doesn't want to quit what I. I ever wanted to quit drinking neither but I had doubts I had stages in my life right drink way too much so I cut back our soft Furl why also I. I if you cannot stop drinking at all. I kind of meet personally give a problem it's it's it has packed too much power over you multi hit in his. Under his and then he's had a had a rough couple years and they he's using alcohol to escape. And I completely understand that I've been in our Carly from last year drink way too much and even though I am. Going to a doctor in her doctor's supervision and going to a therapist to work on that I think. Dealing with a lot of anxiety and you know the drinking is a way to just. More relaxed because I don't smoke plead I don't do pills so I can relate to him on the Arab wire. If he's trying to escape some of these issues. I can see how drinking too until out of there now I is very very. I can easily do that weren't yeah yeah it's just yeah it's accessible. And intent dean you can hardly see it you know it you can just build pick up the six pack at those in store and you know in the end until I watch a show or whatever. But I would encourage him Tim maybe if there's stuff that he is trying to escape from. Maybe talk dear doctor or therapist if you have that ability to deal with your issues instead are. Running from the he had enough of the reason why he got there and exercise and work for him is because it's work you actually to work to exercise yet and plan on yet to be disciplined and it's easy years go by six back and drink every night you know it's it's a lot easier to you fall back. On the vice itchy nose to escape and just like Amanda said didn't whatever you're running from it's probably time to face and exercising by the way when you have alcohol in your system is really hard yeah. Are you sweat you get tired quicker center hello Danny good morning. Good morning. I did I just wanted to kind of throw her comment on the on the subject at hand. Seven and a half just saw him he. Couple days or something like that lends. Mostly wanted to congratulate Earth's over German radio it's got its. The resort. And I Randi Linda yeah yeah I know Hillary Gunner. Holes sixty days. That's amazing hundred. So. I in my experience in the comfort food fruit. Urgency over. Our cards don't you're the programmer or anything like therapy there's I did hear the first year that the whole you know nine yards going to immediately hey you got a score occurrence of bars. Use. The thing that I think I've learned mostly what I promised you the difference between learning to try and control your directions. As opposed to relieving yourself completely pure fiction. Is that it's. When you're working to try to control it it's almost like you know take a look at all the rest your life in order to move you know maybe you cannot let cancer spread or you know maybe got eight home pumping war like prolong your life. Rather than. During that problem right off the bat when you need when you Iran you know then import the concert you you know my experience in the program and they don't try and do that actually they're trying just. Allow you to acknowledge that you have a problem and in order for years to kind of get Democrats is how bad it. A reminder that you happen every day case. Yeah I'm not just for the record I'm not anti AA I'm just going off statistics. The bad it there's there's an 88% recidivism rate with people who go through the twelve step programs. In the war as were all told OAA is the answer. Yet it seems like it's more successful if you. Try something else. Like what brand is doing which you haven't been any meetings I had in the game but I have been seeing a therapist and my doctor and I am basing an energy healer with rob doesn't believe anybody nor as beautiful but you and you also are not committed to never drinking again in your lifetime the right my original pledge to myself was to just quit drinking furry here in Rio valley. Value at that point because I wanted to see first if I can do it and second so that I can actually control and so far. You have in below you've had a couple of you wrote about your blog last week you've got a couple of moments re crazy cold beer but have you really had a moment where. You're like all unshaken I want strengthen the first time that I want to be a a bar is bound. And walk in hey you know the knee jerk reaction is just go Sandra to the bar and grab yourself a drink so that was the only time that I ever had that. I gotta have a drink feeling but once I got a soda I was equally quickly subsided and why did you go to a bar there was for a Stanley. What some. Let me start and slow down from my wife's sister was having some sort of and inept and the communities that was being held in a bar off soul isn't necessarily a Barnes and it was just being held there. So that the letter writer green or heard wrong. I don't use the word disturbing I thought I thought I heard him say he deals with his problems but he jury looks bright light that's how he. He he's dealing with them but then he drinks which are which we all get right it's like your daily vitamin instructors and she's dealing with a promise that she drinks. But it's for him it's like I won't because is Atlantic has stopped tomorrow she had to play can use alone. He alleges we'll all drank if we needed just how much is it true it's great that you're facing your issues. But is does the alcohol control do you sell much. That you literally cannot get through these issues without liquor is yeah we should be able to Angie gets overruled. The issue is a life without advice the vices are nice they're great to pull out of the closet. But sick light continuously. And he's so committed to it. Not ever quitting drinking I just happy just sounds like he places a whole lot of value on the liquor I think problem for me is not necessarily. The drinking but it's like getting in the eye and just in their routine that's how I relax and Nike and so it yeah our routine. I could deal if are really put my mind doing magically appear different Mac app. I Crowley Philip our guns and hole. One more and I love letter from name without papers she says I'm 49 years of age on marriage and men in my dreams were still very in love after seven years of marriage. There is this couple that we always hang out with have some drinks with and go on trips what's tramps. Tricks they were on our closest friends the husband's 35 the wife of 38 members she's trying on the white I have known my whole life a couple of weeks ago went swimming in it. In their house relative few drinks we decide to go to our house for a little bit to hang out. I jumped in the backseat thinking that he would sit in the front seat with my husband who was driving. His wife would sit in the backseat with naming names and remove your girl there. You the other husband jumped in the back seat. My husband who was so Byrd drove us. What's it in the other man's wife in the front I didn't think any about it until he started the other husband just stick his hands in the bottom of my savings are. I me guy. His hand away and shook my head no I know this seems ridiculous that this guy is like an angry mole in a China shop when he's drunk and he thinks he kick anyone's ass. She's my husband would have jumped in to defend my honor but I didn't think it was time to let him know what was going on looking back maybe I didn't handle the best way. I was extremely caught off guard because this man has never acted this way or talk dirty to me in the fifteen years I've known him. A long time and he continued to showed his hands down my baby snow and I don't know. I got a little. Oh hi literally had to hold his hand down to get him to stop I became frightened also I was just at a loss. We got to my house he came around the corner where our spouses were not. And grabbed me and kissed me I shoved him off after a few inappropriate comments by him I just went to bed I told my husband keep an eye out for me. My husband confused asked why. I told them I would explain in the morning. And I do understand the drinking this level is not okay and not safe. On a side note I am never flirted with this man I am never had any physical contact with him whatsoever. I waited until the next morning when I was sober and tell my husband he was enraged. As I believe he should be on its feet then we discussed. It'd even be handled in a truer manner. We both wondered if the other guy and remembered and so drunk oh my god I. Then soon after he texted me apologizing at that point we realized that he didn't remember and current and almost made me feel worse or. I told him that his behavior so now she's texting with the other. I told him that his behavior was never going to be OK to me I told him that I told my husband and that he had a tells life. He sincerely apologize to my husband expressing that he does not want to lose us this France he also said he only did because he was drawn. My husband expressed how disrespectful. It is ground he also explained that he could only blame so much on the alcohol that's my husband talking. Her husband then the other husband told his wife after getting upset she said that if we do hang out again. Sorry you're not hey you ever again. Oh my god is wrong with people. After Danielle said she's a. June hang out again moon in the night. Can drink yeah. Oh geez this real you all right you. Kidding me right now your husband's I don't know used her email to her yes I'm just I'm. I can guide.