Dr Rob 6-19-17 part 2

Monday, June 19th


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Twenties and thirties I feel like these are high school children. He's he's sexually assaulting and then okay men. Is more or whether. He told his wife after and instead she said that if we do hang out again him and I can drink together. As if I was partly to blame. Also. Because he was drunk it was excusable rivalry with good good good I am banned sexually assaulted and raped before also. I already know that I didn't handle the situation well. Well I had low self esteem my whole life after my mom died a year ago I went to a dark place idea was sever depression severe severe. Severe as. And this is they're here SC PR and fear that if the is it only Hilton idealist sever depression beer she's I think. I don't stop kids I news something had to change so I am ban on a self love journey. I am a work in progress this guy who was supposed to be like a brother to me set you back. And I am trying to move forward but I have to think of what's best for me since I'm in this vulnerable plays at this moment. I want to stand my ground just completely come off I know things will never be the same. But the same time they do move. The same time do I let go of someone who has expressed how sorry he was. And doesn't want to lose dozens friends how I feel we threw it always that night in my being too harsh I need some advice I they did. Did I got that settled down everybody settle down. Devil's advocate. Devil's advocate. Fifteen year friendship grew. Described very similar lead to the relationship that I have with you dawn and your husband from her and whatever trawl does on my arms. Let's get. Yeah. There always nice girls so. Dumb dumb dairy and Israeli jet skis the driver. He's sober car. For whatever reason. Which I don't understand this molest the ten. I wind up in the backseat with you Gary and Christina are in the front seat and that's where are ready I hey hey hey hey I agree I'd already be gone what are you doing back I agree but we're all draw it secondary is like and it scares well rounded. And then I start to make a move on and put my hand down your antenna idol what the hell. Tell your daily and I find result because I'm very loud about it much I I understand it or not I get when your next. A place that she's that it is hard to speak up and I I don't blame her and and and and I ain't I don't doubt now honest. So I think this is so ridiculous I realize that I'm just trying to create a scenario. Would you be allowed about it. Or would you. Confronting me because of our history get their fifteen years of its I would absolutely be loud about it because yeah messaging history with yield. If so out of the ordinary. And it. I found my voice and I don't. Begrudge her and all there was a time it was exactly like her and had not yet found my voice and your okay on the. That journey and I'd please note that now eventually you'll get to where you have your voice you don't care if you speak up your room with a hundred people. Lisa is wrong do you tray itself. Whatever however you handle it. We ended the night ends. I lived through it because your husband doesn't pump me into a coma yeah. And and the next morning I immediately call you text you and say oh my god I don't know what happened. I was I I I apologize. Is that I don't even know how I'm gonna be able to answer the phone because OK my husband I know him. She she will not heat will turn that off he will call you and tell you will deal with your ready to do with you stay the hell away he would be sold. Enraged upset hurt I get all of those things. I I where's your husband like I understand her going to the problem is that he is an angry member I know these angry but she I feel old. Needs to be representing EDS Simon cave woman right now sorry folks deal with at. I feel for where she's at she does need to find her voice actually is on Russia's number voice and as. Her husband also needs to be like I think you're done with you would tell you if we're ever not done with you. I'm so now let's play devil's advocate to a letter writer are being too harsh absolutely not I don't know I. I don't know what drove this man and I'm taking you are your words after fifteen years of being friends. I don't know what drove him to put his hands in your bikini as I'm understanding that it wasn't alcohol you and your husband are both right. Alcohol only releases the inhibitions and allows the true you'd come out. That is BS. His wife standing by that is BS so I know you are not being too harsh and and you are completely entitled. To react to this however you want to react to it. My opinion is the same as dawn so far more sued every else things. I would be done that this couple IV. Social is very disturbing to me yeah. I EUR. I would be done with this couples do it because he he obviously I think probably what's happened in the past I am gearing T this is not the first time he's done this so one Amerigroup couple friends. Guarantee it's not the first time improbably what's happened in the past me if it's open up the door for him to cheat on his wife and so. This will Bellini was not into his advances. And so he continued and it cost so hard to section sexual assault and you do not be friends with somebody that sexually assaulted you saw very well there's. I know our shares no forgiveness at all oh and I wanna hear this and I want to help playable advocate otherwise head on the other day. Well you guys can drink together if it wasn't her all the lady she she she doesn't want to blame her husband she wants to just say. Okay believes Johnson SOK in Manila the idea okay no screw you wife otherwise and screw you let her husband your does. The numbers alienate money and I and I need eleven hi Bob. Are you know are you yeah she's yeah it'll. Yeah I know you're wondering what are what per capita why didn't go to Hawaii for a hundred and a shot regarding strange places and they. In all yeah. Yeah and again and again he does that he can't isn't part of that because she's been great PS yeah yes even now like him before yes you when you've kind of victim of this because I know it's hard people understand let me and I was ready Genesee your condition to keep your mouth shut your condition that makes things better to sweep things under the rug. I just to protect people lie that's right you're just conditioned to do that I. I I prefer to find her voice and they would she will I have no problem where she's at right now man and I both have been in that spot we totally get and understand and her friends. Talk more about her friend she's this she's known why wouldn't the white lie a lie vision and that woman I would. Think he knows the things that it happened you can be sure that some of our girls and that she tells you. You talk also not three. She should we say my husband shouldn't drink I am so sorry what did she should be on cardinal is telling you how sorry she is the bad happened because she knows you've been through should NJ she shouldn't be beside herself. But even including you ended on their telling you both and he not drinking my god look what you've been through to people would've been raped already feel like it's their fault she just. African takes that knife and stabs even mourn your back. Yeah I sit back and was well why didn't she BO so I think pull over or whatever happens when your victim of sacks of sexual assault. You look often times. When you have men has halted before and it starts happening again. Especially if that happens you when you're younger. It puts you back and has that little girl I'm scared to say something I don't wanna get in trouble nobody is gonna believe me hey did you write it. Back then. Same mindset so it's hard to. Yell out and save like I need help or whatever she EM the other thing is she says. That she feels like she handled it in Tampa Bay inappropriately or not correctly or whatever. Number you handled it used your husband as soon as you're sober you told him exactly what happened you handled it so don't for a second feel like you should've done something differently you know you did what you need to get you some day you will have your voice it's okay you don't right now you did everything right and and I want you to be happy knowing that some day you will be screaming in the backseat going what I. I have and hopefully you never got to confront that again. But if it's wonderful and now on I want you to know is that as a candidate someday you'll discriminate so from the rooftops but isn't she didn't know we've all been there that it had stuff happened it was like you have. Our brand and I'm gone through a softball Jersey okay. Over a year ago we had a party in my house for Memorial Day weekend and and he was one on this Monday first times that you all met my AP now fiancee Christina yeah and everybody got way too drug trials course and well not everybody dawn ZZ is she special. Yeah I didn't I was overzealous there is decreased and yeah well we had a baby sat beyond. Yeah. Cruising proving that producer Kristen was acting like Jews drop. Supplement. There were. Stories after words and one of them I told on the air where we thought they you Brandon had grabbed my eight now fiance is moves. And you'll reply yeah because I got in May and that's what I thought Kristina had told me OK I confirmed with her that was not true. In. Can you give this guy any sort of a break fifteen years fifteen so we take the letter writer at work fifteen years of friendship. Now only time he's ever made a move on her the letter writer is this one time he's super drowned. Any great now. Now none at all especially since he had gone back for more and she had. And do physical physically hold his hand down to stop him from putting is hurt his hand down her pants. Doubles down let me get this turned a corner our odds are you kidding me triple down hello Ryan. I don't wanna start off I changed that. I didn't agree that demand is majority of politician you women don't have a complete melt down or ever call Sarah can I should aspire. I do not ashamed that it just came out of nowhere I think there had to have been some kind of all. Since this case it's some kind of flirtations she. In her email why bring it up about what indication if you were just simply stating that is mandated out of the blue clothes in her conscious somewhere. So I it's one. I don't believe her one bit. So you're suggesting that the letter writer may have since she's also drunk ban. In some way encouraging him. Absolutely somehow even introduce my new. He says do I knew she was doing something or pulling him when there was flirtation and take what not you miss take shocked that. There was something going on. This. Your head saying you are the reason women don't speak up aren't your women and their ally okay Lonnie oh yeah can we just get elephant that's how we're talking about here. You are out of your free keen. I aimed at. I'll go I don't know. Is she basically there for those of you that don't quite understand everything that happened he. First while he was in the middle of his sentence but he was making it clear that he believes that the girl the letter writer in some way you lead on the other hand. So I don't know what exactly you heard I had to lay it out and dump it out and then dawn started ranting so that's where you words. Oh yeah there there are pull plenty of situations where the girl has an absolutely nothing but him and feels that he deserves to have earned the man. Child molesters search tools fabled little girl looked at me a certain way she was giving me the OK. Just well I brought. You hear in the same category as those sick I was with that mindset way to go oh dude that'll shake you out of your minds that. Keep telling you that and furthermore. If there was even an ounce of flirtation. Lloyd it's still 100% his call because you never ever forced yourself on someone. Bar ever ever ever I scare for girl you lose. And you grabbed him and she says no but you keep going you're all a 100%. And and you view. 1% benefit of the doubt caller as a man. So let's pretend. That what you're imagining happens she's in her bikini apparently. And you shake your booty and maybe she's being flirtatious although her story her version the story is that didn't happen you don't believe her fine. Wow okay I'm in I'm gonna I'm gonna get there. Onion and integrate that bill she's important she's like yeah yeah yeah I don't know what's going on after fifteen years and I'm still a little progress. Let's get that it could be you can't. In any situation political four AP or any other conversation. Just call someone a liar so let's take her at her work. Somehow they wind up in the backseat together. And he says say she is bad she show me all the signs now let's acknowledge first of all. That if she's showing her all this if I'm sorry if she is showing him all the signs. There are both dirt bags she's married so is she. So he shouldn't be acting on the size of your premise he puts his hands. Down her bikini. According to her what does she do she grabs his hand and says no. Wants. What does he do he goes back to her bikini. Puts it in his in her pants she Esther gravity again says now at what point so error. Are you point to a knowledge that whatever flirtation and doesn't matter I'm gonna grant you maybe she was the most flirtatious bitch you've never seen. But when he made a move she said no once she said no twice in the call are. And then as dawn pointed out he made another move in the house where she had to push him away. It's irrelevant. I thought I'd give you all of that is why did it unified grant you that she was being a flirtatious drunken bitch like we've all seen. It never. Ever makes any of what happened following. OK if we believe her and we don't believe them what is calling her a liar which makes you loser in the argument. Email this to me. Is when you've really you've advanced as a species or even as a gender. I'll ever passwords for that person. All that completely blankly blank faced calls and reminds you because according to him. Or mail and what's begun and yeah I mean like what do you expect and he's got it. Albeit important issues I mean he's married at all did you expect demand had to be they full and just stayed true is why did you not may we may begin to sell. The little bold sure are horrible yeah. And oh my god you just asked me I am never said this before but quit looking at the show but I idol once you see we have enough listeners and it's. You have said that before the I have banking. Another Sitka are you red raider dot com from Matthew Matthew says no call the broads down he redder wrong she'll let a mall. Low self esteem breeds acceptance. I kind of breeds acceptance. Hello there on our web world do we and other young man John. Well first of all us comments are the people that are riding in are pretty the sturdy. Do it's her fault and anyway. And the other party is so I feel like the guy which I am being under the influence during game. Engaging themselves you know like an excuse for an hour. Well and to be able to try this gonna hurt because he probably move. What happened to her book or. And try to take advantage of earth and also gave himself very few took the baby and I exude. Try and do it. Do certain. There's no way she's. Yeah. I see it you know you get out and it may be a bit better I don't believe Burris to negotiate if you needed bears did learn that there. I think that bag guy is I come back addition BA eastern or bottled. Daddy who. He should be looked into especially if you bothered. John hello Ashley yeah. Reminding anybody. And I don't want to get well letter writer of the defense personnel actions against her I'm. I had nothing about the issue that I guess what I can and not let your shirt Marlboro you know like you're doing so well. I just don't want Henry that it's a good guy has become obvious to scumbag and I don't want. And could beat everybody wanted to get that back you know our hurt well congrats to release a single area where all the four year wait there's. Whatever happened here that was unacceptable I know who aren't him had he not think that they would deal. Thank you actually had a lot of emails are idea red radio dot com. The various callers this one says I don't play devil's advocate slightly to your caller let's pretend that she made any sort of advancements. When she pushed him away the first time. That should have been a clear indication that it was not okay that color needs to go jump off a bridge there are still rape and other. So let's just look at him but please don't tell Redmond how. Ya know rape I don't know this is from the day and I do and. My wife and I have had some friends for about fifteen years they're very close we always tease tease tease each other's slack each other on the butt in make sexual jokes. It's how we act my friend's wife wolf flirt joking with me flash us her boobs. Sounds like fun process. But in no way would I ever in a million years think it's okay to touch her that color was an absolute idiot you know boundaries I want you I'm here in part. My cousin. People are in the dictionary. Then by this overt guards against humanity whatever. Yeah I've taken it says that jerked the phone is the reason women don't speak up I would actually great to my boyfriend high school that wasn't the first time we had sex but I didn't want to any forced himself on me. So to that guy he probably thinks it was my fault because I had sex them before this blank hole I just wanna punch him. Sorry for anything spelled wrong grammar errors I am enraged and seeing red right now because of bad blank waffles. You were his boyfriend you're his girlfriend yeah the law be a bit about your. Even though I and he you don't feel I did he is taking I mean he's a lot into why can't. You can write to the doctor any time RED at red radio dot.