Listener Mail 3-20-17

Monday, March 20th


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Up any money until I'm 98 rocky lies and KR excuse dot net. You're listening to. No longer. Paul Robinette. Yes Don Haye now. Listen online and read and radio. An email here are idea rant radio dot com on this is not part of regular old boring listener and some chlorine. Well I'm just trying to let people know disaster read this we're gonna go into the day and I'll go to your post man. Created may now we're doing this email you the Mayo doghouse and how do you email when the post into the ground that need both dead to the cubs twice I think he's been lucky. And. As a reaction to some we're talking about could start a fight retro. No name says. Having taken my son and wife to see the Beauty and the Beast movie I can say it was just OK. Okay. It seemed to have started off slow there wasn't much of a script to follow the acting from Emma Watson. Which producer Christian tension. Was born and the and the whole film felt rushed. The actor who played the beast didn't make me believe that he was a beast. If I was blind I wouldn't picture anything beast like. But a guy forcing out a temper like. Jerry started all. This stuff but. Overall I give the movie a seven out of ten. If you look that's pretty good if you look past bell and the beast a dividend ten but you can't get past there were performances. I'm still not even sure why the beast had horns but what ever. Prefer. I am I'm sure this guy I don't know if he's ever seen the original but the point of the movie is he's not a beast like that's way she went that's why she's like he's not a beast he's a great he's actually general. He's he's a man who is turning to a. Obese so he's supposed to come off as a gentle beast well essentially yeah. Her appearance is a beast and the point is now on the long let them because she's these are on the inside. Works great you think he. It make some terrible but I noticeable to now pay seven ads cannot ban. Here are sitting on a and I tell you the bidding non in the post man we're both coming lucky being done in post. Inside Israel radio dot com Monday morning means all the columns have been updated both Brandon and Christian reviews of team unity as far as updates. You can email us RED and ran radio today dot com. I'm this is for. Ounces from home noun and a hit percent to she says I think that since I've listened to you all things like can't remember. But I feel the need to tell you. I am having a son. With the due date of August 14. Connects uses and he will be listening to you all from day one good because I'm not changing my habits. I'm 26 and I've been listening since I was and 00. Hole and I'm not leaving the show just because they have a banged Magid. Well I was network Colin and now I can't solo Z that is visited the technique where you actually put the headphones on your belly and make them listen to class on. There's still things and I did have with my sons so we should have. As we should have a little Maggie didn't training listening to the Schobel for easy muscle or twelve feet. Actually make headphones and I can expand that I got the Bluetooth you know and they disconnect in. I just put my iPhone app to my stomach and on like miles Davis and Stevie Wonder radiation not the Rancho thanks so much Amanda thought. Aren't there and show you were legendary band but still all. Bad in my car I don't know well I'd I'd wanna him to listen to music not people talking we were a little angry back. Let's talk it's always Howard's people off these. Things can work plan. Nick emails from behind equipped Lexus employment in the Jess music you do it she won't admit how. Who was the person Heidi I hanging. Ice says hey this little girl. Check out cold case files are armed and the episode three of this season. It's about the girl that was murdered in Pleasanton in your hometown on your walking route to school. Oh Susan came on. All I could think of it is so. You're always invading my mind even when you're not on the radio thank you Heidi I actually I got here you know over the weekend I set my I think it's today or tomorrow records episode three dozen great AD if you watch those I. Never seen the show before they six that's very cold case lies message I mentioned this many times this girl that was murdered and we used there there was this back way to walk to the high school actually I never took the back way. My sisters used to. On the you cut through a creek in through a tunnel and all that and this girl while the murders and in Pleasanton California which is in the east bay of the gay area and area there were of murder was unheard of especially the child. So it rattled the town and solar but he started to get all the moment you can't walk through there you can do that my hey okay we're gonna overreact to one. I truly thought I did I. So yeah isolated and and what it's the regular current snow and what was what was great about it was that I grew up with parents who weren't overreacted. Who basically said this is horrible but. You're you shouldn't change who you are and work we're still gonna let you go out and do things and and explore the world of holes and without a loved ones without a big the show on you and so that's why I became successfully they wait a little to make sure wasn't right now they're occurring it's no no not at all not I mean really not at all I mean because of the person could still. And he why he's still that's why it is so. Okay and make the so this has just there's no time lines in and did this happen when you were a kid when you lived in Pleasanton oh yeah yeah. I grew up until I was twelve or thirteen OK I don't quite I'm not sure the timeline that she's writing about matches up well my my sisters were in high school. I think is a little earlier than 84 and I'm gonna I gonna watch the episode and and just refresh my memory and army who is right at. After my sister's got out of high school on this was the path that we are taking the high schooler whatever. But yeah I know a day and you know bad and I saw plenty of parents do the whole. And and my parents aren't quite there are no go out there this is life this is what you do. And it was it was actually it was one of those ironic out wonderful. Random occurrences of myself for the taught me not be afraid of life so I'm looking forward watched an episode I've got a team thank you so much for the heads up. This is for Marshall paid marshall's. Second says there was a comment last week. That rob paid the check for Mandela's birthday dinner. Can we all just be honest now and admit that the only reason rob gets invited to things like this and and sweating but and so they don't pay this. Oh well let's. A lot of dogs. The blow I had no idea that was even an aunt and and I even know that rob was coming to hole YE until after he'd RD and arranged it wiz with my wife and yeah as an hour. I was surprised Dmitry totals but did she just arrange it so I would pay for I don't know. Cindy sect that. I see you liked it just thrilled that you would go. Why would you be clear idea painted her brains wedding. And he had paid for the limo idea for our wedding dinner dancing yeah went without a lot of that's so little is a lot that was konduz until they. Happens patents you don't know. I thought that was appropriate president I thought it was appropriate to pay firm and as did birthday dinner. But that's that and and being really if you listen do you really think I would show of the things I thought I was being used like that again. Not doesn't slam like the rest of us can ever heard asking him asking is that how do you how aware paint this. And you rob good. And yes I'm like. Sharon to stop throwing what we blamed the problem is but this thing hits its these issues do you get a bill one person days that's it yeah. Late they'll be staying right where the rest of us we're using right now people are swept. Yeah. I didn't. Even afford paying a whole thing if god I think my best and I want my best friend as well and we both got cash out acting on. On the way bitter sweet natured not to have to split up with. With that car rides on Janet's under the caddie give her credit card if you like what like this. Deal. It's my favorite line from a lot more from one of new episodes and I sound baskets this season. The cuisine will be Chinese but the shackled he did share. That was out. Always so I Amanda's and I was freaking out because they can't putting plates in front of us tonight it looked over to my feeling channels like oh god. I was just gonna orders solid. I am and I think this myself. Your dad and Millen to really expand those. That's freaking out near the end you know my guys this. So tightly around. Should have back there. Pretty soon my back to a must lend. I was OK and the this is thrown in the expands the ace Westchester and send them an. They sweetening. Spend says my wife over the weekend saying our clean sheet days on. Earlier I gotta clean sheets and here's a song right so let's just hope welcome I modified the song and now wants to the rabbit at christmastime songs somebody Christina so there's. Yeah me she'd staying clean sheet today I can't wait for things she does when OK I think. If you work for a lot of different things that possesses a regular carpet at the top and spilling. Once the moans but there a feeling of clean up center on the she approached the disabled Amman that seems extreme.